Tour the Farmhouse

Post-renovation exterior of city farmhouse at FARMandFOUNDRY.comPlease to enjoy a little Farmhouse38 before and after…Although, we’ve come so far, we are so very far from done…so keep checking in for the latest additions!


A little reminder of the front, before…Behold!  The color beige:

Pre-renovation Farmhouse at

The front of the farmhouse, after…we needed somewhere to enjoy our #frontporchdrinks, thus the deck and vine-covered pergola.  Oh, and a front door…you may have noticed there wasn’t one before.  Minor detail.
Post-renovation exterior of city farmhouse at

Post-renovation city farmhouse front porch at

Cheers to having a little more color in our lives.

Another shot of the front:

Exterior front and yard of, pre-renovation.And after:Post-renovation farmhouse exterior, complete with white picket fence.

Curb appeal. It’s important. A white picket fence never hurts, either.

Let’s go on inside, shall we?

The family room, before…

Pre-renovation family room at

This is the photo where people usually say something like, “Oh, this isn’t so bad!”, and if I looked past the apartment-grade vertical blinds, I would have to tend to agree.  This really was the best room in the house, with its little patch of perfectly polished wood floors and drooping, but sorta interesting old ceiling.

Family room, after…

Post-renovation living room at

Post-renovation farmhouse great room at

Upon discovering that the old ceiling wasn’t really a real, structural ceiling and was being held up by old wallpaper, we made the decision to take it down and subsequently vault the ceilings. Which was an accidentally genius way to make this small space feel much, much grander.

More pre-renovation family room…

Pre-renovation family room at

It really was such a pretty floor.  Too bad it was only in this one room, while the rest of the rooms displayed a fine assortment of every terrible flooring material known to humankind.


Post-renovation livingroom at

The new gas-vent fireplace and built-in bookshelves really help this feel like an actual family room. Still a few odds and ends left to do…mainly, we are taking bookshelves all the way up to the peak of the ceiling next to the fireplace. Must have more shelves for to put all the things!!!

Not-so-great-room/vaguely a dining area leading into the ‘kitchen’, before…Pre-renovation blahs at

Again, as it turned out, this dividing wall was just a flimsy partition of panel board, not a real wall. Therefore, it, too, had seen its final days.The post-renovation kitchen/greatroom at

Informal dining area after:

Post-renovation informal dining room at

Since we live in Southern California, our ‘formal dining room’ resides out on our back deck under the party lights (more on that coming up).

Post-renovation kitchen peninsula at

I found Nix’s awesome vintage cage at the Rose Bowl Flea Market–it’s a bit beat up, and I had to have all the old paint sand-blasted off of it, but it fits so perfectly in this tight space. I just love it. Nix is super unimpressed.

Kitchen/great room, after…

The farmhouse kitchen, post-renovation, at Farmhouse38.comMuch better. Complete with requisite boxer photo-bomb.

‘Kitchen’ before…The pre-renovation kitchen at

I know it’s hard to believe, but those are not real bricks.  And you are looking at the only bit of counter top and cabinets in the whole ‘kitchen’.

And after…

Post-renovation farmhouse kitchen at

The range moved to the opposite wall, so that I could have a sink at the kitchen window. We have a beautiful view of our neighbor’s bathroom window. Sometimes we wave at each other. It’s awkward. But I like my kitchen-sink-window. And my neighbors.

And let’s talk about that sink:The farmhouse sink and windowsill cactus garden at

It is the stuff of dreams. That is all.

See how we did our beadboard backsplash here.

Moving on to the stairwell in its previous incarnation (The Gateway to the Underworld, as we used to call it):The pre-renovation stairwell at Farmhouse38.comAfter…

Post-renovation stairwell at

We widened, stabilized, and beautified. Gallery walls are essential.

Stairs, before…The pre-renovation stairwell at

Every stair was a different height, a different width, and a different slant. Definitely designed by Carnies.

Stairwell, after:Post-renovation stairs at

Note the built-in bookshelves along the right side and the built-in boxers at the top.

And now we go to the original ‘master’ bedroom:The original master bedroom at

We liked this so little that we actually changed everything about it, including its location. The new master we pushed to the back of the house where it would eventually open up onto a glorious back deck that overlooked the garden (after we did away with The Deck of Death). The old master would be absorbed into the master suite area.

The new master bedroom (structurally finished, but undecorated):The master bedroom during renovations at

This is how we lived with the room for several years until we were able to fully finish it. Don’t you adore my dropcloth rag curtains? Aren’t they swanky? Product source: my cleaning rag bin.

Post-renovation, post-decoration master bedroom (FINALLY):

Post-renovation farmhouse master bedroom at

Don’t mind me over here with my camera, White Dog.

Post-renovation farmhouse master bedroom at Farmhouse38.comSee the master bedroom makeover here, as well as how we made our weathered wood headboard, here. Interested in that steel painting on the wall? Come check out my artwork at

Master bathroom time! Oh, the horror!The pre-renovation master bathroom at

This photo just does not do it justice.  This bathroom was THE WORST!  Disgusting, tiny, and frankly, rather creepy. We found things in there, you guys…things I don’t want to talk about. And let’s just take a pause for a second and ponder the wonder of wooden toilet seats. Seriously. Who came up with this? Probably the person that installed them in all the bathrooms of this house.

Master bathroom after:Post-renovation farmhouse master bathroom at

It is glorious in comparison to how it was.  Just…so…glorious.

Post-renovation farmhouse master bathroom at

Modern farmhouse tub at

I will go on and on and on about our modern farmhouse tub and walk-in shower if you let me. They are a couple of my favorite things. Ever.

See the master bathroom makeover here.

Moving downstairs, let’s have a looksy at the old guest bathroom (again with the wooden toilet seat!):The pre-renovation guest bathroom at

Guest bathroom after:

Post-renovation farmhouse guest bathroom at

Whitened, brightened and very clean.  Clean is good.

Guest bedroom, before:

Pre-renovation guest bedroom at

Those drop ceilings and dirty tile floor had to go. Blech.

Guest bedroom, after:Farmhouse guest bedroom, post-renovation.

We raised the ceilings, and lightened and brightened with a new french door leading to the garden, recessed lighting, new floors, and fresh paint. White dog is laying on an heirloom quilt. (Sigh).

Ye olde Deck of Death:Pre-renovation deck of death at

The old back deck was wobbly, crooked, and–when we actually started tearing it down, we realized–barely attached. Thank goodness we never let anyone go out there.

The new deck:

The new back deck at

First and foremost, it is attached. And then some.

The new back deck at

The new pergola structure goes a long ways towards keeping the heat of the sun off the back of the house (which was a real problem before), and the hardware cloth railing panels achieve a farmy aesthetic while not blocking the view to the yard. Read more about the remodel of the back deck here and here.

The back deck farmhouse table at

The new deck space houses a 10 foot long farmhouse table. Still a lot of decorating left to do out there–but my dream of an outdoor dining room (since we don’t technically have an indoor one) is coming together quite nicely. See how we built our farmhouse table here.

What’s missing:

The kitchen is still missing a hood over the range.  The roof needs to be redone (and my farmhouse cupola added!).  The driveway needs to be fixed/patched/ripped out.  The basement/laundry room needs walls.  My office is awaiting a makeover. So is the powder room. Is it just me, or does the list keep growing?  Cheers to 100-year-old houses.