The Coop & Chicken Garden

The coop at

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Oh, these chickens. We are on the third henhouse incarnation in less than two years. It’s safe to say that we didn’t know what we were doing when we acquired our flocklett. But necessity is the mother of invention, isn’t it?

Coop 3.0 is a fully-insulated, weather-tight, single-family residence, with attached green-roofed run, three state-of-the-art nesting boxes, and one exceptionally inaccurate weathervane. It is wired for surround sound and high-speed internet. Just kidding (but I was tempted). But it does come with a pool.

Frog drinking-fountain and a chicken on a mission at

And it also comes with priceless original artwork (portraits of the girls painted by my dear friend’s kids), plenty of storage, and a handy grit-dispenser.

Miss Gertrude Featherbottom admires the kid-painted chicken portraits inside the coop.
Upcycled bottle grit dispenser from

The view through the coop window at

The surrounding chicken garden, fenced off from the main yard, gives the girls their own private oasis (read: keeps them from destroying the rest of my garden), and offers plenty of protection from aerial predators in the form of a minor jungle of overgrowth.

The coop and chicken garden at

The garden path is made from recycled bits of wood salvaged from coops 1.0 and 2.0, as well as our old, dismantled deck. Cut into small bricks and set in cement, they make a charming little yellow brick road leading to the the girls’ own little Oz.

Salvaged wood pathway leading to the chicken garden at

The garden gate is actually the original front door, which, much to my dismay could not stay as the front door of the house. But, like the stubborn mule that I am, I refused to scrap it!

Old door gate leading to the chicken garden at

The girls enjoying a snack,

Free range chicken jail at

The chicken garden dirt bath at Do not disturb.

The chicken girls at

Free-range time is closely managed by the flock supervisor.

Chicken guardian at

On hot days there are ice baths to dunk our pretty chicken toes into.

Cooling off on a hot day at by bobbing for rose petals in ice water.

And on extra rainy days, sometimes we get to come inside and dry our feathers by the space heater. Supervised, of course.

My office at

Mighty Clementine at

And we get plenty of visits from our favorite cousin (sporting his ‘chick-magnet’ tshirt).

My nephew, sporting his 'chick magnet' tshirt and watching over his chicken cousins at

Yep. These chickens have it pretty good.

And so do we.

Egg present at