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For the Love of Bathroom Plants

For the Love of Bathroom Plants

Houseplants. You either love them, or you love them and somehow murder them with good intentions. Or you’re completely indifferent and probably aren’t reading this blog post. Carry on! My love of houseplants started pretty early on and is wholly and unquestionably the fault of Laura at Olive and Love. When […]

Image of my hopefully soon-to-be tub from signaturehardware.com with a few embellishments added by yours truly.

Birthday Bathtub

I have a hole in my heart….a bathtub-shaped hole.  For five years we have been renovating this house, and for five years, I have pined for a bathtub.  You see, I am a tub person.  I love a good bubble bath.  But I have not had a decent, soaking tub […]


The Almost-Final Master Bathroom Semi-Makeover

This past weekend, we set to work finalizing the decor in our master bath.  It’s about damned time. One annoying aspect of this crazy renovation of ours is that rooms and things get, maybe, 88% completed, and then we are so exhausted that we take a break and excuse ourselves […]