Mixed Media Metal Art by Kate Richards

About the art…

I call them metal paintings. Why? The short answer is that I paint on metal. But there’s really more to it than that, athankyaverymuch. My first love is patina, and the wonderful, wild colors and textures that come with it. Through a bit of what I shall coyly refer to as alchemy, I force the oxidization process and then let it run wild. It kind of does what it wants. Sometimes I’ll throw some paint in there. Sometimes dye and wax. Sometimes a bit of ground, reflective, raw metal texture. Sometimes a touch of glitter (don’t judge me). BEHOLD: mixed media metal art.

Capturing this stuff in photographs is a little tricky. You lose the reflective quality of the metal, which is a pretty intrinsic component of the finished product. These pieces appear different from every angle, and with different light. Suffice it to say that in photographs, wherever you see ‘light’ or ‘white’ areas, this is actually light reflecting off the metal.

To inquire about the availability, prices, and future prints on any of my pieces, email me directly. Don’t be shy. Shopping options are coming soon…soooooooon. Simmer down.