Farmhouse Style

The front of the garage/barn, in all it's 100-year-old glory.

Garage to Studio, Phase I

One of the things that I loved about our house, upon first sight, was the ramshackle barn that is the garage.  It is the perfect spot for something that I have always dreamed about having: my very own, grown-up art studio.  But, in its current condition (though it is such […]


The Almost-Final Master Bathroom Semi-Makeover

This past weekend, we set to work finalizing the decor in our master bath.  It’s about damned time. One annoying aspect of this crazy renovation of ours is that rooms and things get, maybe, 88% completed, and then we are so exhausted that we take a break and excuse ourselves […]

Coop du Jour, Part Deux

Coop du Jour, Part Deux

What’s the coop du jour?  It’s the coop of the day. Sorry.  It doesn’t get old for me.  Twenty points to anyone who calls the movie that’s ripped from. Anyway, back to the chicken coop.  It is complete (ish)!  I’ve got a few more minor aesthetic adjustments to make, but […]