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Kate Richards of FARMandFOUNDRY.comA little more about me than you probably want to know:

I grew up in the family machine shop, surrounded by metal, rust, weld sparks, and machinists. I also happen to come from a long line of painters. So let’s mash those two things together, shall we? Throw in a flower crown, a cocktail, and some pet hair…and there you have it: me.

I love color. I love texture. I love glitter. But I also love me a gritty, dirty, banged up bit of raw metal. I adore the unpredictable nature of oxidization. Perfection is overrated. So are clean fingernails.

Most days you will find me ensconced in my studio, making a mess. If I’m lucky, it will turn into ‘art’. If I’m really, really lucky, I’ll get a visit from one of our resident chickens and she’ll walk through paint and track it everywhere. When I’ve cleared the studio of wayward poultry, I spend quite a bit of time grinding metal in my flip-flops (my dad always yells at me for this). Sometimes a glass of wine is involved. I find it helps the ‘artistic process’. Don’t judge me, I get enough of that from those uppity chickens.

Aside from the art, I’m particularly preoccupied with living on and cultivating a flower farm. And completely obsessed with farmhouses. But since my husband’s career in television post-production keeps us tethered to Los Angeles, I have to play a lot of pretend. I work really hard at convincing myself that our 7500 square foot city lot is a wee flower farm; our restored 107-year-old farmhouse sets the mood nicely. Life here is a mad little tea party of flowers, industrial art, and animal tomfoolery. And btw, we’ll take a little bourbon in our tea, thank you very much.

10 critical things:

About Kate Richards of FARMandFOUNDRY.com
#1–I’m going to throw a lot of color at you. I adore color (I know, we’ve covered this). I crave color. I often stop to stare at things and ponder their color. This aimless pondering often involves picking a tiny spot and trying to figure out what paint I would mix to create that exact shade of mountains-at-sunset-blue-purple. It also involves whomever I’m with getting frustrated with me because I wasn’t listening.


About Kate Richards of FARMandFOUNDRY.com
#2–I don’t listen very well.


The definition of patina from FARMandFOUNDRY.com
#3–I’m gonna wax poetic about metal. Steel, aluminum, stainless, copper…my love for metal things is an equal-opportunity love. I am obsessed with rust and oxidized, beat up old metal. It shows up in my art. It shows up in my home decor. I think I may have rust in my blood. No for realsies, I should probably be tested.


About Kate Richards of FARMandFOUNDRY.com
#4–I’m unreasonably afraid of fire. So it makes perfect sense for me to spend my time welding and grinding metal and shooting sparks everywhere.


Peony blossom at FARMandFOUNDRY.com
#5–‘I must have flowers, always, and always.’


About Kate Richards of FARMandFOUNDRY.com
#6–I’m extremely sarcastic. Don’t take anything I ever say seriously. Except this.


Dogs vs. Chickens at FARMandFOUNDRY.com
#7–I have a lot of pets. Just gonna put it out there. I’m that person. You’ll see.


About Kate Richards of FARMandFOUNDRY.com
#8–Cocktail hour is the most important meal of the day. Right?


Alice quote via FARMandFOUNDRY.com
#9–There is never a situation in which Alice in Wonderland quotes are inappropriate. Just trust me on this.


Kate Richards of FARMandFOUNDRY.com
#10– I thrive on nonsense. Refer to #9.

That is all. Carry on.