Because: More Chickens

Because: More Chickens


We knew this would happen, didn’t we?

New babies at

Pretty wallpaper by Very Sarie on Spoonflower.

Meet Pip (Pippy Longstocking):

Baby silver-laced Polish chicken at #babychicks

She is a Silver-Laced Polish, so she is going to be rocking some fabulous hurr pretty soon.

And meet, Scout and Elphaba:

Baby blue-laced Wyandotte chickens at #babychicks

Two beautiful Blue-Laced Wyandottes.

They were all one day old when we brought them home, and they’ve gotten a lot of cuddling time in since then–including a lot of passed-out-cold-I’m-so-exhausted-from-being-cute-and-fluffy time.

Cuddling baby chicks at #babychicks

Sound asleep baby polish chick at #babychick

Sleeping baby blue-laced wyandotte chickens at #babychicks

So hilarious. So cute.

New babies at #babychicks

At about week three, they began to enter the teenage phase…and things started to get awkward.

Pip began to sprout some interesting hair, you know…like teenagers do:

Baby polish chicken hairdo at #babychicks

And all the kids started to get a little gangly:

Awkward teenage chicken at #babychicks

I love the Velociraptor stage.

You know who else loved it? Our nephew. He was beyond impressed with how Pip loves to perch on shoulders and heads. He was also pretty impressed with her ‘do.

Baby Polish chicken being a shoulder bird at

Because, I mean…who wouldn’t be?

Baby polish chicken rockin' the do at

And, of course, we’ve already broken them in with #drinkingwithchickens cocktail hour. They’re already old pros; look at that judgey-chicken-face that Pip is sporting:

#drinkingwithchickens at

As of this post, we are five weeks old and almost fully-feathered, which means in about another week we will transition them to the brooder run in the chicken garden. They’ll live and roost there for awhile, getting acclimated to the older girls and the outside world through the safety of hardware cloth walls. Baby steps.

Teenage chickens at

I also thought that now would be a good time to share an update on the rest of our flock. Sadly, we lost two of our older girls last year: Gertrude, our Rhode Island Red, and Eloise, one of our Buff Orpingtons. Both were favorites of mine, and both deaths were really devastating.

Our current outside flock:

Flock at

Beatrix Potter (Easter Egger), Veruca Salt (Lavender Orpington), Clementine (Buff Orpington), and Annabel Lee (Easter Egger, showing off her good side).

Lots of chickening happening around here right now. And that’s the way I like it.




  1. Megan

    How adorable are they?!?! I just adore Pip. I really want chickens but we aren’t ready. We have a shed we want to turn into a coup but time and money, plus two dogs and two kids…. But some day!

    • farmhouse38k8

      Pip is hysterical, isn’t she?! Total shoulder-sitter, too. I hear ya on the money thing–and honestly? Building out the coop is the expensive and time consuming part–once that’s done, they are pretty low maintenance. They are such a joy to have! Cheers to someday! 😀

  2. Hey. Adorable chicks. Sorry about the loss of your other chickens. Do you have any idea of why they died? I’ve lost three this year and can’t figure out why. They didn’t show any signs of illness. Got any ideas? I’ve got three chickens left. I’ve also ordered some new chicks. Can’t wait to get them. Have a good week.

    • farmhouse38k8

      Thank you. I do know–one had a reproductive infection that got the best of her, and the other actually choked on something…I watched it happen–it was awful. 🙁 They are very fragile creatures, I have learned. 🙁

  3. erin

    Pip cracked me up! the feathers!!! <3<3<3<3

    • farmhouse38k8

      Right?!! She is so awesome, I can’t even handle it. 😀

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