I Have This Thing with Rust

I Have This Thing with Rust

Hi. Hello. Let’s talk about rusty steel for a moment. Because I’m obsessed enough that everyone should be at least a little concerned about me.

Rust texture by FARMandFOUNDRY.com #ihavethisthingwithrust
*rusty metal wall*
Ombré rusty corrugated metal wall image by FARMandFOUNDRY.com #ihavethisthingwithrust
*Ombré rusty corrugated metal wall*

I know exactly where my fixation comes from. My family’s fourth-generation company (Wilmington Iron Works) is the oldest machine shop and repair facility in the Los Angeles area–that place has got some good old metal walls (that I heart). In fact, most of the *digitally-embellished* (hey, I’m an artist) images from this post were taken there. I grew up with this stuff, and when I started creating my metal artwork in my early 20’s, those oxidized, weathered metal walls were my inspiration. And still are.

Rust No.1, mixed media metal painting by Kate Richards of FARMandFOUNDRY.com #mixedmediametal #ihavethisthingwithrust
*one of my mixed media metal paintings*
Digitally-embellished photo of a rusty wall via FARMandFOUNDRY.com #ihavethisthingwithrust
*digitally-embellished image of rusty metal wall*
Digitally-embellished photograph of rusty metal wall via FARMandFOUNDRY.com #ihavethisthingwithrust
*digitally-embellished image of rusty metal wall*

Rust via FARMandFOUNDRY.com #ihavethisthingwithrust

Patina quote via FarmandFoundry.com #ihavethisthingwithrust

You know what’s also good? Patinated copper.

Beautiful patinated copper via FARMandFOUNDRY.com #ihavethisthingwithrust
*detail shot of a copper mixed media metal painting*

Good stuff, good stuff.

Digitally-embellished image of rusty wall via FARMandFOUNDRY.com #ihavethisthingwithrust
*digitally-embellished image of rusty metal wall*
Chippy-paint on corrugated metal wall via FARMandFOUNDRY.com #ihavethisthingwithrust
*chippy paint and rust on corrugated metal wall*

Fortunately, for me, the industrial farmhouse vibe (that we’re trying to inflict on our house) nearly depends upon at least a dash of rusty metal. So it’s more than acceptable for me to hoard vintage metal pieces, beat up old buckets, rusty cast iron stars, etc, etc, etc. Right? Right. I love it.

In the coming weeks, stay tuned for some new tutorials that will include lots of lovely oxidized metal. Just trying to bring patina to the people. 🙂

But in the meantime, visit my Society6 shop to check out prints and other products featuring not only some of my original artwork, but also some cool photographed, rusty textures. From now until December 5th, you can get 20% off all products–check it out!

You know you need a rusty iPhone case:iPhone case designs from FARMandFOUNDRY.com on Society6.com #ihavethisthingwithrust

Or a throw pillow:

Rust-textured throw pillows from FARMandFOUNDRY.com via Society6.com #ihavethisthingwithrust

Just sayin’.






  1. Diane

    It’s OK Kate. Confessions during the month of December are perfectly appropriate! Just keep the torch away from the tree and other goodies…OK? Happy Holidays to you, the Texan, and all your critters. A scratch to Feebs and White Dog. Diane

    • farmhouse38k8

      Thanks, Diane!

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