Holiday Centerpiece

Holiday Centerpiece

Christmas floral arranging is one of my very favorite things about the season. It’s an opportunity to use some really interesting ingredients. For this one, I harvested poinsettias, sea holly, and (just now changing into fall color) crepe myrtle branches, as well as some locally-grown pepper berries and evergreens. There is one type of greenery that I found at the market–I have no idea what it is but it’s so cool-looking that I couldn’t pass it up. Maybe someone will recognize it and fill me in (it’s the really tall/ long pieces with zig-zaggy little leaves). It makes me crazy not to know what it is.

It’s par for the course that our leaves in SoCal are just now changing at the end of December. Our crepe myrtles are GORGEOUS right now. And…when in Rome…they look amazingly festive in this holiday mix, don’t they?

Poinsettias are another favorite of mine to use in cut arrangements–though they are a little tricky to use because of their sap situation. The way I deal with it is to cut them to length and remove all the leaves I want off, then submerge the entire stem in cold, clean water for about a half hour to an hour. Let those suckers bleed out–then add them to your arrangement.

So for anybody who might want to replicate, here’s the formula for this arrangement:

-5 poinsettia blooms (3 large, 2 small)

-7 or so stems of sea holly

-6 branches of crepe myrtle or similar, ranging in approximate size from 12 inches to 18 inches, making sure to have at least 3 18 inchers to get some drama

-10 small pieces of evergreen (cypress, juniper, or pine work great) (10-12 inches in length)

-6 stems of pepper berry with a good bunch of berries on each

-7 or so lengths of nameless, spikey mystery plant

All of this went into a taped-off 12-inch round corrugated metal container. For a good how-to on taping your container, look here.

Festive holiday centerpiece from | Poinsettias, evergreen, fall-colored crepe myrtle branches, sea holly, and pepper berry. #farmandfoundryfestive #farmandfoundryfloral

This lovely mess is headed up to my mom’s Christmas table…as am I. See you all on the flip side–Merry Christmas!!!


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    Beautiful and inspirational!

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