Ghosts of Christmas Past

Ghosts of Christmas Past

We used to make a Christmas video every year, but I’ve been kind of bad about that this year, so I thought I’d round up all the old ones and share in one spot. Several things to note: First, the quality gets progressively worse as we go back in time, so bear with my highly lacking camera skillzzz. Secondly, the older videos feature a few dogs that are no longer with us (sad face), but it’s pretty awesome to be able to go back and laugh at these little funnies. Thirdly, PLEASE BE WARNED THAT IF YOU LET YOUR CHILDREN WATCH THE ELF ON THE SHELF VIDEO THEY WILL NOT BE PLEASED. They will not be pleased at all. Let’s just suffice it to say that the dogs got a bad report to Santa that year.

Without further ado:

Phoebe and the Snowball (2014)

Our Elf on the Shelf (2011)

Holiday Cheer (2010)

And just because we are sharing dog videos and I think this one is hilarious (featuring Milo, french bulldog-extraordinaire), even though it’s not holiday-related:

Frenchie Warrior (2012)

Happy Holidays, my friends.


  1. Lindsey

    Love these, especially the frenchie warrior!

  2. lisa

    Poor Chance he looked so ashamed in the one with the wrist cuffs and tree hat, lol. Sweet boy. Glad they took out the Elf, he is creepy as £@€#. And Pheobe with the snowballs always makes me laugh, that video is actually how I found your blog! Merry Christmas bring on the Shiner Cheer

  3. lisa

    Not sure if I can get this pin to you here but here it goes. A delish twist on Shiner Cheer Merry Christmas

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