What I’ve Been Up to Lately

What I’ve Been Up to Lately

Mixed media metal art by Kate Richards of FARMandFOUNDRY.com #mixedmediametal

So, it seems to me that blogging pretty much goes like this: you’re hustling 150% of the time, but only 10% of that shows up in actual, physical blog posts. I’m consistently working on things that either, A) just don’t work out, or B) don’t come out in a timely manner and so they get shelved for future use in the cold storage section of my computer (and brain). I cannot tell you how many grand ideas I come up with that take ALL THE EFFORT, and then just don’t wind up seeing the light of day. Some years have been more hits than misses–but dang…there’s been a lot of misses lately.

This lovely example of #bloggerproblems pretty much sums up my entire 2015. Add to that a whole hell of a lot of admin crap (the arduous task of migrating my blog, followed up by a name and identity makeover), and the result has been a giant, gelatinous wad of behind-the-scenes busy work for me. What you guys don’t know, is that I’ve also been working to convert this little bloggy-blog into a business. You know, so I can sell things and make…what’s that thing called? It’s on the tip of my tongue. Money. That old chestnut. I’m gonna sell things! On this site! Like a grown up. True story.

Today is Small Business Saturday. Something I really embrace every year. I have a giant soft spot for the small business makers and shakers and crafters and doers. And I was really scrambling to be one of them this year–I was hoping to have my store launched by today, but, alas, it’s Not. Quite. There. I’ve been really beating myself up about it. But at the end of the day, it’ll be ok. I’ll get it launched, I know I will. What will be will be.

So I’ve decided I’ll share a little sneak peek of what’s to come–if you’re following along on Instagram, you’ve probably caught a few whiffs already.

Well, there’s going to be art. There just is. Finally, there will be a place where I can list my original artwork for sale. This is a big deal. I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment.

Some current WorksInProgresseseseses:

Inverebrate No.2 #mixedmediametal art by Kate Richards of FARMandFOUNDRY.com

(This darned Scarab painting is like the neverending painting…I’ve redone it nothing short of 100 times. Sigh.)

Because: Goat in Top Hat #mixedmediametal painting by Kate Richards of FARMandFOUNDRY.com

Vert #mixedmediametal painting by Kate Richards of FARMandFOUNDRY.com

And, of course, I’ve recently created a Society6 shop where you can buy prints of many of these pieces…or say, a pillow. Or a mug. Whatever floats your goat.

Also, in that shop: saucy art T shirts. Because I wanted them for myself.

Artist Tshirts by FARMandFOUNDRY.com #artlife

But aside from all that, I’ve been working on a line of home decor items; some modern farmhouse bits and pieces that will play nicely with other genres of decor. And are heavy on the metal. Because we all know I have a thing for my industrial metals; steel, aluminum, brass, copper. I don’t like to play favorites…but:

A foot selfie standing on a sheet of #copper. From FARMandFOUNDRY.com

Did somebody say copper? (me standing on a sheet of copper before it gets mangled into one of our items). I’m sure I’m not the only one who is a little overly-focused on copper right now. Also: airplants.Copper airplant wall art from FARMandFOUNDRY.com

So how about some copper and airplant wall art? A little low-maintenance vertical garden action?

Copper and airplant wall art from FARMandFOUNDRY.com

Available in multiple sizes.

Mini copper and airplant wall art from FARMandFOUNDRY.com

Also, in aged steel:Aged steel airplant wall art from FARMandFOUNDRY.com

And probably other metals when I get around to it. Brass, anyone?

Also…been working on these rather nifty budvases:

Nine hole aged steel budvase wall art from FARMandFOUNDRY.com

These will be available in a few sizes and a few metals. Definitely available in copper.

Aside from these bits, we’ve got more in the works: industrial signs, magnet boards, candle holders, vases, all sorts of goodies. I am super excited for the shop to launch, and can’t wait to hear what you all think!

In the meantime, happy Small Business Saturday–and I hope you got to get out today and shop hard from all the smalls!




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