Surprise Spider Lamp

Surprise Spider Lamp

Surprise Spider Lamp from #halloween

This little project is really just about how awesome those little plastic spiders become when you hot glue them to a tiny magnet.

Got a metal door?

Magnetic spiders on door from via
Image and project from
Magnetic spiders from
Image and tutorial via Leigh Laurel Studios.

Or fridge? Or magnet board?

Or how about tucking them discreetly into an unexpected spot…like a nondescript industrial metal lampshade?


Industrial metal lamp over billy ball arrangement at


Surprise spider lamp from #halloween

What I really love about this particular Halloween vignette is that, from across the room, it is very subtle. You see a few spider guys dangling down, and a bit of leg fringe, but you really have to go over and investigate to get the full effect.

Surprise spider lamp from #halloween

I love a little deliberate infestation this time of year.

Surprise spider lamp from #halloween

I chose a few different sized plastic spiders (including the ones that come as rings–those I just snipped off the ring parts), and simply hot-glued them to small round flexible craft magnets (like these).

Magnetic spider halloween decorations from #halloween

For the danglers, I glued one magnet-less plastic spider to the end of a length of black embroidery thread, and then glued the remaining thread end to a spider with a magnet.

Magnetic spider halloween decorations from #halloween

Once you place the one magnetic spider in its spot, the other hangs easily from it.

Surprise spider lamp for halloween from #halloween

Halloween details. So fun.

Surprise spider lamp from #halloween


  1. Ally

    So creative! I love it. Halloween is my most favorite holiday 🙂

    • farmhouse38k8

      Mine too. 😀 Thanks, Ally!

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