Farmhouse Fixation: Put a Cupola on It

Farmhouse Fixation: Put a Cupola on It

The copper-topped cupola of | #putacupolaonit

One of the very first things I envisioned when I saw this house (remember how it looked?) was a cupola on that roof. I pined for it for seven years–but we knew it was silly to install a cupola before we put on a new roof.

Man, did we wait for that roof. And man was that old roof a ramshackle eyesore that I cringed at on a daily basis. But finally, FINALLY, we reached a point where we could get it done (can I get a Hallefrickinlujah) this summer–allegedly, just in the nick of time for Godzilla El Niño (Spanish for Godzilla the Niño). And so, as the roofers prepared to do their thing, we scrambled to order the custom cupola so that they could install it whilst they were up there roofing around. But, as these things go, the cupola took much longer to arrive than the roof took to install. No problem!, they said. We’ll just come back when you get it and put it up there for you real quick!, they said. And then they took their check and we never heard from them again. Several calls, voicemails, and emails later, that company has earned a nasty Yelp review from us (which is a shame because they did a great job on the roof). Meanwhile, we had this ginormous cupola (4 x 4′ and 6′ tall) sitting, nay BLOCKING, our driveway. For a month. Cue Kate freaking out.

So it was time to take matters into our own hands. Well…our own hands and the generously-helpful hands of our contractor buddy, Mike, who always seems to be our cavalry when something goes awry.

And when, you ask, is the very most perfect time to climb up and work on the roof? During a rainstorm. Duh.

Installing a cupola at | #putacupolaonit

But The Texan and The Mike got it done. And I stayed firmly on the ground and took photos (but lest you judge me, I put in my time painting the thing).

The cupola going up at | #putacupolaonit

And, of course, no farmhouse cupola is complete (in my humble opinion), without a weathervane. I chose this very simple copper and brass jobby:

Deconstructed copper and brass weathervane at | #putacupolaonit

Weathervane installation on the farmhouse cupola at | #putacupolaonit

Against the weather odds, they got it done. And I. Love. It. It is the crowning jewel of our little city farmhouse.

The copper-topped cupola of | #putacupolaonit

The farmhouse cupola at #putacupolaonit

Historically, cupolas were installed for venting purposes. Which would be really helpful in our house. But, alas…we are not that fancy. Ours, like many in modern farmhouses, is just decorative (sad trombone). But hey! It’s cute. And it’s copper.

And so, in the spirit of #putacupolaonit, I thought I’d share some images of other adorable farmhouse cupolas. Thank you, the interwebs.

Here’s a cute, modern farmy guesthouse. That metal roof is so slick. And I love the wee matching metal roof on the cupe.

Adorable, metal-roofed, cupola-topped, post and beam guest house via | #putacupolaonit
Image and home design via

This one stops my heart every time I lay eyes on it:

Pole barn house via | #putacupolaonit
Image and home design via Rill Architects.

New England farmhouse? On the water? With custom cupola? Yes, please:

Traditional farmhouse design by | #putacupolaonit
Image and home design via Richard Leggin Architects.

Let’s get a close up of that adorable cupe, shall we?

Fantastic cupola via | #putacupolaonit
Image and home design by Richard Leggin Architecture.


This one is one part barnhouse, one part cabin…love that green metal roof against the wood siding with all that lovely foresty landscape happening all around. And then: cupola.

Barn home with cupola from | #putacupolaonit
Image and home design via Yankee Barn Homes.

Uhmuhguh…this one…the red…the cupolas…the everything…:

Amazing barn home via | #putacupolaonit
Image and home restoration design by John B. Murray Architect.

Here is one of my very most favorite modern farmhouse designs that I see floating around Pinterest quite regularly:

Modern farmhouse design via | #putacupolaonit
Image and modern farmhouse design by Designs Northwest Architects.

The weathered grey siding of this modern barnhouse slays me. And of course the cupola and weathervane are perfection:

Gorgeous post and beam barnhouse via | #putacupolaonit
Post and beam barnhouse image and design by American Post & Beam.

Farmhouses. When in doubt: put a cupola on it.




  1. Katie B

    love, Love, LOVE the addition of the cupola and weathervane! It looks great. 🙂

  2. Diane

    Ha and alas Kate! Good decisions all. Yep, and I know from personal experience, roofers have a short attention span…must be the sun, heat, and asphalt inhalation.

    PS: AND, I LOVE the cottage color, always have…Diane

  3. Lisa

    Love it, even more farmy! The weathervane is very classic. Congrats, it has been a long wait.

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