Farmhouse Fixation: The Kraemer House Renovation

Farmhouse Fixation: The Kraemer House Renovation

The renovated front porch of the Kraemer House, via greenthumbwhiteapron.comClearly, I’m stating the obvious when I say I love a good home renovation…but, I love a good home renovation. Especially when it is a grand old 1870 Victorian Italianate with stunning details on all four levels, dream porches oozing out the front and back, gorgeous gardens, barns, and even one of the most clever/adorable chicken coops I’ve ever put my eyeballs on. Seriously.

Welcome to the historic Kraemer House in Berks County, Pennsylvania; creative HQ of the blog,, and home to weekend warriors, Brett and Rich, and their flock of eleven lovely hens (check out the Chicken Cam here).

Renovation of the historic Kraemer House, via

Let’s just all take a moment to bask in the glory of this house. And when you’re done with that, take another moment.

And then let’s look back at it when Brett and Rich first got their hands on it:

The historic Kraemer House, pre-renovation, via

The Kraemer House front porch, pre-renovation, via GreenThumbWhiteApron.comAnd then bask in the finished product once more:

Post-renovation Kraemer House exterior via

I like to get a little melodramatic when I am talking to people about how hard it was to renovate (whilst simultaneously inhabiting) our 107-year-old house. Yeah…I’m gonna shut my mouth from now on. Brett and Rich’s house spanks our house in age, square-footage, and ugly bathrooms.

I present to you, Exhibit A:

Behold the glory of the pre-renovation yellow, gingham bathroom at the Kraemer House, via

Feast your looking-balls on the glory of the pre-renovation yellow gingham bathroom. The yellow gingham, carpeted bathroom.

Hurry and cleanse your palate with the incredible after:

Post-renovation attic bathroom at the historic Kraemer House, via

Post-renovation attic bathroom at the historic Kraemer House, via

Doesn’t everything feel right with the world after looking at this bathroom?

And while we started the house tour in the attic bathroom, let’s round it out with a glimpse at the adjoining attic bedroom:

Post-renovation attic bedroom at the historic Kraemer House, via

Moving on down to the second floor, the house is just room, after room of fabulous befores and afters. The master bedroom is one of my favorite spaces in the whole house; it’s all at once modern and nostalgic, and I love the brick divider wall that makes this suite two rooms without making it two rooms. You feel me?

Post-renovation master suite in the historic Kraemer House, via

Post renovation master bedroom at the historic Kraemer House, via

And let’s not not acknowledge how it looked before the renovation:

The beautiful BEFORE of the master bedroom of the Kraemer House renovation via

Good stuff.

And the second-floor bathroom renovation? More good stuff:

Post-renovation master bathroom at the Kraemer House, via

Another gorgeous, light-filled bedroom resides on the second floor:

Post-renovation guest bedroom at the Kraemer House, via

Post-renovation guest bedroom at the Kraemer House, via

I adore the colors in this space!

Moving on down to the first floor–we have to immediately talk about the kitchen. It was a little bit…lacking, before:

Pre-renovation kitchen at the Kraemer House, via

It was so lacking, in fact, that it was selected by House Beautiful magazine as the winner for a $100,000 makeover!

Post House Beautiful kitchen renovation at the Kraemer House, via

House Beautiful magazine feature via GreenThumbWhiteApron.comPretty decent way to start out a home renovation! The kitchen is no longer lacking a single darned thing.

The nearby living room is also a thing of beauty; so many period details painstakingly brought back to life! I love how the room gives a nod to its Victorian roots while still feeling completely modern and light-filled:

Post-renovation living room at the Kraemer House, via

And check out this amazing custom built-in:

Goregeously-styled custom built-in in the post-renovation living room of the Kraemer House, via

Oh, hey, Rich and Brett!!!

The homeowners stand in the beginnings of a custom living room built-in in the historic Kraemer House, via GreenThumbWhiteApron.comI could go on and on–there are so many more fabulous rooms in this house! Please do yourself a favor and head over to Brett’s blog, to take the full tour!

But before I shut-up completely, I have to give you a sneak peak of what’s happening outside the house:

Post-renovation garden at the Kraemer House, via

Raised garden beds at the historic Kraemer House, via

Formal gardens at the historic Kraemer House, via

Garden perfection is happening outside the Kraemer House. Complete. Garden. Perfection.

And remember that chicken coop I mentioned?

Garden shed and chicken coop at the historic Kraemer House, via

One half of it is this awesome potting shed:

The interior of the potting shed at the historic Kraemer House, via

Do you see what is happening here?!! The potting shed accesses the nesting boxes and chicken feeder of the next-door coop. I can’t even with the genius of this set-up. I can’t even.

The other half of the shed is the hen house:

The henhouse at the historic Kraemer House via GreenThumbWhiteApron.comAnd off the henhouse is this chicken utopia of a run:

The chicken run at the historic Kraemer House, via GreenThumbWhiteApron.comOkay, I’ve got to stop now. My brain is exploding.

Be sure to head over and visit, not only for the rest of the tour of this incredible house, but also to experience the crafting, cooking, gardening, decorating, and DIY inspiration that is Brett. This blog is a complete joy–go get you some. And be sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and all the rest!

And also, just so everyone knows, I have dibs on the third floor guest room.




  1. Jennie

    Absolutely stunning!!

  2. OMG Kate! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing our renovation and your kind words. It’s been 10 years of joy, frustration, sore muscles, and a little blood, but we’re finally done. And coming from someone who knows all the pains of a home renovation, I am incredibly flattered by your kindness. Thank you!

    • farmhouse38k8

      MY PLEASURE!!!! Hopefully, sometime I’ll be out your way and we can do some #frontporchdrinks on that lovely front porch of yours!!!

  3. Lisa

    Two of my favorite bloggers collide and this is the result! Love their renovation and love your commentary and post!

    • farmhouse38k8

      LOL–thanks, Lisa!!!! 😀

  4. Lisa R

    Thank you so much for sharing their house and introducing me to their blog! I subscribed and look forward to stalking their previous posts! The great thing is they are only about an hour from me so honestly I think they should be my new best friends haha! Have a great week!

  5. Lynn

    First of all, I want to tell you I’ve been a follower for a very long time. I came across your blog a couple years ago due to a Christmas cookie recipe & I’m so glad I did! You are one of my favorites. I love your home, decorating, animals, flowers/gardening, recipes & now, the art you are sharing! My husband & I have been working on our 1907 home for 23 yrs & I visit your home tour frequently for inspiration & just plain’ol dreaming of what it’s like to live there! – 😉 But, I just wanted to thank you for bringing Brett & Rich’s home to your viewers attention. Now I have another blog to go to for inspiration & dreaming! I had to go get one of my kids’ brown lunch bags to hyperventilate into last night as I was a mess w/fast beating heart & drooling excitement to look @ their entire property/renovation! What a treat to feast my eyes on!! Yowsa!! LOVE IT!! Thanks again!

    • farmhouse38k8

      Oh you are so sweet! Thank you!!! So appreciative that you’ve been tagging along!–and YES!–how amazing is Brett & Rich’s house?!! GAH!!! Glad you enjoyed as much as I did!!!

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