Farmhouse Fixation: Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse Fixation: Farmhouse Sinks

A roundup of farmhouse sinks from

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love a farmhouse sink? No, seriously, I need to know. It’s important. Aside from being darling and nostalgic, they are so exquisitely functional. I’m all about the form, but I love a little function. Or a lot; you can fit everything AND the kitchen sink IN the kitchen sink with these puppies. There’s a reason we call ours the ‘kitchen bathtub’. Far and away, our farmhouse sink was the best kitchen investment we made–and when I say investment, I mean it; these things typically ain’t cheap. kitchen, post renovation. #farmhousestyle #modernfarmhouseWhen we were designing the kitchen, we labored for months over what sink to go with. I had found the one we ultimately chose,

Rohl 36" farmhouse sink via
Image and sink from

but it and its $1500 price tag was my pipe dream sink. It would be silly to spend that much on a sink. Right? RIGHT?!! I scoured the interwebs, frothing at the mouth, trying to find a more cost-effective option. I had sink nightmares on the nights I didn’t sit awake having internal debates with myself and my common sense about whether we should blow that money on a sink. In the meantime, I found a cheaper option: the lovely, lovely, lovely Domsjö sink from Ikea:

The Domsjö farmhouse sink from
Image and sink from

This sink has all the 36″ heft and vintage charm that I was looking for. And a $300 price tag. PEANUTS in comparison to ‘my sink’. Peanuts. But I did. not. want. that divided sink. In all fairness, I understand the theoretical functional benefit of the divided sink. I really do. It always seems like a good idea. Until you’re trying to hand wash a huge, heavy crockpot and you’re basically a bull in a china shop. A wet, angry, swearing, porcelain-chipping bull. I didn’t want the divided sink. But that price tag was making me overlook it. Almost.

I entertained other options. I looked at decorative-fronted sinks:

Fluted front farmhouse sink from
Image and sink from
Beadboard-inspired farmhouse sink from
Image and sink from

I looked at free-standing sinks:

Epic, freestanding vintage-inspired farmhouse sink from
Image and epic farmhouse sink from

But nothing clicked for me as much as that original Rohl sink.

And then it happened. All my internet scouring paid off. THE sink. MY sink…on closeout. Done deal. I can’t remember now what we got it for, but it was something like half-off–which was still expensive, but was enough of a deal to get the thumbs up from the CFO (aka, the Texan). Since that time, I’ve actually come across several lesser expensive brands that make a similar sink to the RohlWhitehaus and Randolph Morris (the latter of which is actually a dual-sided sink–one side is smooth, the other is a fluted apron!). Hindsight is 20/20, blah, blah, blah. Still…I got me my sink, and I regret nothing!

With all that being said, let’s soak up some farmhouse sink inspiration!

Farmhouse kitchen via
Image and farmhouse home tour via

I love everything about this kitchen. Shaker style cabinets-check. Wooden countertops-check. Lovely mixed metals-check, check, check. But oh, that charming moderately-sized farmhouse sink. For a similar one check out Ikea’s Domsjö single bowl sink.

Modern bohemian farmhouse kitchen with farmhouse sink via
Image and home tour via

Another lovely, modern farmhouse kitchen. I think (don’t quote me) that’s another double Domsjö sink.

Epic farmhouse sink. Image via
Image via

Holy, amazing, vintage farmhouse sink. If I was standing in this kitchen I would probably walk right up and press my face against the drainboards of this beauty. Things would get awkward really fast. For a similar look, check out the Storm Plumbing Clarion Farmhouse Drainboard Sink. Say that five times fast. And also, bring your checkbook and whichever kidney you don’t need.

Farmhouse sink and work table island in lovely Sag Harbor home. Via
Image and home tour via Lonny Magazine

This is a gorgeous home and kitchen all around. Just the right amount of rustic. For similar sinks, visit and take a look at their 30″ fireclay sinks.

Darling small farmhouse-style kitchen via
Image and home tour via

A perfect, quaint little farmhouse kitchen. The brass bits are poetry. This is proof that just because you don’t have room for a big ole tub of a farmhouse sink, you can still have one. Shop here.

Adorable farmhouse sink and bright kitchen at
Image and full kitchen tour via

Another small but mighty cute kitchen and sink. The rug and the cabinets are everything. And yes, that’s an Ikea sink, too. 🙂

Grey cabinets, brass hardware, white farmhouse sink. Image via
Image by ERIC PIASECKI via

Well, the image cuts off the sink…but I thought this one was worth a share anyways because it looks so phenomenal tucked into all that dove grey cabinet and brass hardware gorgeousness.

Soapstone farmhouse sink and dark reclaimed wood counters via
Image and kitchen tour via

Hello, lovely, broody kitchen and dark, hammered metal sink. Here and here and here are a few similar options.

Amazing soapstone sink via
Image and kitchen tour via

OMGosh, soapstone. At least, I think that’s all soapstone. I could be wrong. But whatever it is…I love it. Immensely. I’m also 100% sure that this is a custom situation. There will be no purchasing online with this one, folks.

Stainless steel farmhouse sink via
Image via

Stainless steel. This is where the farmhouse sink can fall seamlessly into place in a modern kitchen. For some great options, look around and also

And now we come to what I feel is the holy grail of farmhouse sinks…I present to you: the double farmhouse sink.

Double faucet farmhouse sink amazingness via
Image and home tour via
Epic double farmhouse sink situation via
Image and kitchen tour via

Had I known, when we were designing our kitchen…had I known that this was a thing… a thing that people are actually doing…well, I would have pined after it and never done it because one of these damned sinks is hard enough to afford–nevermind two!!! Who do I think I am?! Seriously. Seriously.

Now, that we’ve covered everything, and collectively drooled a bit…I’m off to pet my sink and tell her what a pretty girl she is.

The farmhouse sink at Farmhouse38.comSeriously.



  1. Tanya Januszko

    My understanding is that conservative and Orthodox Jews who keep kosher kitchens need to have 2 sinks: one for meat and one for dairy. I heard 2 dishwashers is also common. Interesting!

    • farmhouse38k8

      Ok–well that makes sense!!!! I just think that having two big ol’ sinks side by side would be awesome, lol.

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