The Mermaid Garden

The Mermaid Garden

The Mermaid Garden of Farmhouse38.comFor those of you who have been following for awhile, you probably know I have a thing or two for fairy gardens. I also happen to have an extensive shell collection (mostly passed down to me by my grandparents) and a thing for mermaids. So, the Mermaid Garden was a very necessary necessity.

It’s not something you’ll stumble upon unless you are looking for it, as it’s tucked away into a very unused corner of the garden. But if you want to find it, you’ll have to follow the Wine Bottle Border to its very end; way, way back behind The Tomato Cave, just beyond the Random Yellow Chair. You’ve gone too far if you reach the Side Yard of Stored Crap.

Tucked away in an unused corner of the garden is The Mermaid Garden. #mermaidgarden #fairygarden

This old wooden chest was from my childhood bedroom, and had seen better days, so I gave it a distressed, green coat of paint, sealed it as best as I could, and filled it with the best kind of treasures:

An old wooden trunk serves as The Mermaid Garden at #mermaidgarden #fairygarden

The Mermaid Garden at #mermaidgarden #fairygarden

Collections of shells, sea glass, and glass fishing floats gather around the base of the chest, and a plaque gives detailed instructions:

The wooden chest that holds the Mermaid Garden, with a plaque that reads: Let's Be Mermaids. #mermaidgarden #fairygarden

Yes. Let’s.

Inside the chest is my favorite little cast-iron mermaid:The Mermaid Garden of #mermaidgarden #fairygarden

She’s so lovely. If she could speak, you know she’d be asking you where she left the darned dinglehopper.

She has plenty of company; sea creature tillandsias emerge from nearby shells.A tillandsia sea creature emerges from a seashell in the Mermaid Garden at #mermaidgarden #fairygarden

Sea creature tillandsias emerge from shells in the Mermaid Garden at #mermaidgarden #fairygarden

And a few ‘float’ nearby:

Tillandsia sea creatures float on fishing line above the Mermaid Garden at #mermaidgarden #fairygarden #tillandsiaseacreatures

To make these delightful little darlings, here’s a great tutorial. The ground-dwelling creatures simply sit in their shells with no attachments.

Moving on in the garden, a scallop shell filled with ‘pearls’, collects water and serves as a watering hole for wayward pollinators. Even enchanted underwater gardens need pollinators:

A scallop shell pollinator watering hole in the Mermaid Garden at #mermaidgarden #fairygarden #pollinatorgarden

I tucked plenty of aquatic-looking succulents along the ‘rock formations’ and the edges of the chest. The plants are planted in cactus potting mix, with a layer of sand spread across the top, accented, of course, with plenty of sea treasures: 'Aquatic' succulent plants, sand, and sea treasures in the Mermaid Garden at #mermaidgarden #fairygarden

And there you have it: The Farmhouse38 Mermaid Garden.

The Mermaid Garden at #mermaidgarden #fairygardenLook at this stuff
Isn’t it neat?
Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?




  1. AliSa

    Just amazing! And so, so creative.

    • farmhouse38k8

      Thank you! She’s my favorite. 🙂

  2. Michelle

    In love!!! I’m so “jelly” (pun intended) of your collection!

    • farmhouse38k8

      LOL!!! Love it! 😀

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