Farmhouse Fixation: Cooper’s Farmhouse

Farmhouse Fixation: Cooper’s Farmhouse

Speaking of epic white farmhouses…

Gorgeous white Catskills farmhouse. Vacation rental. #farmhousefixationHave you seen this one floating around the interwebs? Uh. Mah. GAH. This farmhouse is everything. We’ve established that I have a thing for white farmhouses. But what is it about this one that slays me so entirely? Is it the wraparound front porch stuffed with rockers? Is it the red front doors? Is it the modern planters gathered on the stoop? YES. But also? Just wait until you see inside.

This home, this brilliant blend of historical and modern farmhouse style, is the bucolic brainchild of the multi-talented Mr. Cooper Boone (do you follow him on Facebook and Instagram? Do it. Do it now). It is an immaculately restored and updated 1866 German-American boarding house in the Catskills. And guess what? You can rent it for your next vacation. Or fabulous farm wedding. I’m so in. Who’s coming with me???

But yes–let’s snoop around a bit inside, shall we?

Farmhouse entryway with vintage seed rack at #farmhousefixation

The entryway is all sorts of farmhouse goodness–but that vintage seed rack? Come on! COME. ON. I love it so much.

Modern farmhouse kitchen from #farmhousefixation

The open-concept kitchen and family room is a glorious blend of collected vintage and modern farmhouse style.

So is the lovely, bright dining room:

Modern farmhouse dining room at #farmhousefixationThe centerpiece bowling pins are outstanding.

There are six beautiful bedrooms at Cooper’s Farmhouse, and they all go a little something like this:

Modern farmhouse attic bedroom at #farmhousefixation

Modern farmhouse guest bedroom at #farmhousefixation

Modern farmhouse guest room at #farmhousefixation

Modern farmhouse guest room at #farmhousefixation

And then there’s the bathrooms…good God, the bathrooms:

Modern eclectic farmhouse bathroom at #farmhousefixation

Modern farmhouse bathroom at #farmhousefixation

Modern farmhouse attic bathroom at #farmhousefixationI mean…what vacation rental has bathrooms like these? THIS ONE. This one does.

And in case all of this hasn’t already roped you in…there’s a barn. A gorgeous, renovated, historic red barn. With built-in bar and lounge, just waiting to celebrate.

The party barn at #farmhousefixation

Hello, bar-of-my-dreams, hello:Gorgeous bar in the renovated party barn at CooperBoone.comYou know I want to mix up some #frontporchdrinks here. I am so predictable.

Remember how, in my old life, I was a floral event designer? Yeah. Where was this when I needed it?!!

The party barn all set up for an event at #farmhousefixation


Lounge area in the renovated party barn at #farmhousefixation

Per. fec. tion.

Farm party table at #farmhousefixation

Also…just FYI: there is a chicken coop. Off the barn. Complete with chickens. So you get farm fresh eggs during your stay. I mean…

Modern farmhouse vacation rental complete with chickens for farm fresh eggs during your stay. #farmhousefixation

I’ll leave you with one last daydreamy shot of this happy place:

White farmhouse winter perfection. #farmhousefixation


All images, by Michael Bloom Photography, borrowed with permission from

For vacation booking information, click here or check out the property’s listings on and

For special event information, click here.

To learn more about and follow along with Cooper Boone, check out his Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Cheers to beautiful farmhouses.



  1. Kathi

    OMG! I can’t even, everything is PERFECT!

    • farmhouse38k8

      Right, Kathi!!?? 😀

  2. Gorgeous. How about we plan a blogger get-away there, right this second.

    • farmhouse38k8


  3. Chris

    I just found your blog and glad I did. Your home renovation is beautiful! I never would have had the vision to do something like this. Well done! Thanks for the eye candy.

    • farmhouse38k8

      Thanks so much, Chris!!! 😀 Welcome!!!

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