Put a Fork in the Farmhouse Kitchen

Put a Fork in the Farmhouse Kitchen

The farmhouse kitchen, post-renovation, at Farmhouse38.comSix years, 11 months and a few days (don’t make me do anymore math, please…I beg of you), and this kitchen is finished-ish. We still don’t have a darned hood for our darned range. But other than that…

Oh, the memories:

The 'wall' of plywood and wallpaper that closed off the kitchen from the rest of the house, pre-renovation at Farmhouse38.comThe ‘before’ wall with the door you’re looking at in that photo is what separated the kitchen from the dining room/living room area. It was immediately apparent to us that we wanted to take it down just for flow and aesthetic reasons–so we had to dive into the usually tricky business of “is it a load-bearing wall” thing. Um, no. No it was not. A sheet of plywood covered in wallpaper does not a load-bearing wall make. Seriously, it was like a prop wall in a middle school play. Down with the wall!Fifty shades of wallpaper; the kitchen demo at Farmhouse38.comAhhh, demo…that moment when you think: I and my place of residence shall never be clean again.

I love the following shot because you can truly see how the walls were made of planks (and in some spots, plywood). Look really closely at the righthand side of the righthand door. You can see how thick the ‘walls’ were. True story.Gutted. The kitchen reno at Farmhouse38.com

The next photo was the first moment in the renovation process when I walked in, took a deep breath and thought–this is really gonna be awesome.

Drywall and wide open spaces in the kitchen renovation at Farmhouse38.com.It was also that moment when I thought: I and my place of residence shall never be drywall dust-free.

I love the abandoned broom. It wanted to help. It really did.

The post-renovation kitchen/greatroom at Farmhouse38.comEt voilà! Wide open (clean) spaces. I mean…taking down that wall, in this case, was a no-brainer. I don’t think that, universally, opening up walls is always the answer–in fact, I think people get a little crazy with the whole open-concept thing…but in this case, it was necessary. The prop wall had to go.

Within the belly of the old kitchen…

Pre-renovation kitchen at Farmhouse38.com. Egad.I look back at that faux brick with fondness only because it still gives me a good laugh. Whoever thought faux brick was a good look…I just want to pat your little head. And extra pats for the faux wood paneling in the next room. (But hey, at least there was a range hood!)

The following photo gives you another great look at what the walls of this house were made of. And see on that back wall? See those lovely specks of daylight? WELCOME TO THIS ENTIRE HOUSE (pre-renovation). Kitchen demo at Farmhouse38.com.And after:

Post-renovation farmhouse kitchen at Farmhouse38.comClearly, we rearranged a few things. I like my kitchen sink to be looking out a window. Even if said window is really looking at nothing but the scruffy side of our driveway hedges. Said scruffy hedges mostly prevent us from having a view of our neighbors’ bathroom window. Mostly. Heeeeey, neighbors!

The farmhouse sink and windowsill cactus garden at Farmhouse38.comShout-out to my windowsill cactus garden–keeps you on your toes when you reach for the soap.

The opposite wall of the old kitchen was just a lot more of the same brand of odd, dated layout:Pre-renovation kitchen at Farmhouse38.comThat’s it. That’s all the counter space in the whole kitchen. I do have to give some props for the open shelving. Storage can really be quite useful.

Pre-renovation kitchen at Farmhouse38.comI don’t know how you feel about it, but that fridge placement/situation wasn’t really doing it for me. He kinda seems like the awkward guy at the party, trying to stand out of the way, but totally, completely, utterly in everyone’s way. And leaking stuff on the floor.

Weirdness in the pre-renovation kitchen at Farmhouse38.comWhat even IS that area beyond the kitchen? Dining room maybe? Bleak, definitely.

Post-renovation farmhouse kitchen at Farmhouse38.comWe decided we must push the kitchen back to absorb the strange familyroomish room beyond the kitchen. So, clearly, we gained a lot more storage and counter space overall, but most especially on the wall opposite the sink. Room for a range, room for a microwave, and even room for a shiny new, less-socially-awkward fridge.Post-renovation farmhouse kitchen at Farmhouse38.com.And those double french doors at the end there? Had to have them.

Double french doors in the farmhouse kitchen lead out to the deck and al fresco dining room at Farmhouse38.com.The kitchen was in dire need of some light. And since our house is small and we don’t have a real dining room (because, er…we may have removed it)–we use our deck as the dining room. Southern California- and tuxedo cat-approved.

Still missing that range hood, though. Dang.

Still missing a range hood in the farmhouse kitchen at Farmhouse38.com.

The new backsplash? Not faux brick, but someone should probably let me have it for using faux beadboard panels. In 100 years someone is gonna be mocking the silliness of it. I totally deserve that. But I digress. The backsplash: beadboard *ehem* paneling cut and pieced on the diagonal for a zig-zag (it’s not technically chevron, but FINE. We’ll call it chevron) effect. See how we did it here.

Chevron beadboard backsplash at in the farmhouse kitchen at Farmhouse38.comI really, really, really, really wanted soapstone countertops, but the budget was having none of that. So our contractor buddy helped us pour concrete ones to look like soapstone. We tinted it dark, and left it pretty imperfect (ON PURPOSE!! Seriously!) with a honed finish. It wound up looking rather soapstoney, if I do say so myself.

The post-renovation kitchen/greatroom at Farmhouse38.comSuffice it to say, we are loving having a nice, big, open, airy, functional kitchen. The parrot enjoys having a view of the whole house, too. Gotta keep the bird happy or we get a lot of expletives thrown at us. Along with some bird seed.

Post-renovation farmhouse kitchen at Farmhouse38.com.Look at her…being all bashful…plotting her next insult.

Product Sources & Names:

Kitchen Cabinets: Shaker style from CabinetsQuick.com, painted Dunn-Edwards Swiss Coffee

Cabinet Hardware: Martha Stewart for Home Depot Soft-Iron Cabinet Hardware Collection

Pendant Lights: Sundance Catalog (no longer available, I got the last ones, hehehe)

Farmhouse Sink: Signature Hardware (exact model no longer available but they’ve got a good selection of similar)

Wall Color: Behr Butternut Wood

Wall Trim, and Ceiling: Behr Swiss Coffee

Stools: Ikea (no longer available)

Console Table/Kitchen Island: World Market (no longer available)

Large Floor Rug: World Market (no longer available in color shown)

Small Entry Door Rug: Dash & Albert

Turquoise Deck Chairs: Ikea Kaustby Chair, painted Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Lagoon

Set of Three Steel Floral Art: katerichards.com

Pretty much everything else shown, furniture-wise, is up-cycled or handed down.

If you have questions about anything I’ve missed, please shoot me an email.







  1. Denise

    I truly love your kitchen. The open doors in the back are wonderful. Here in Texas the flies and other bugs would prevent that. Love love it.

    • farmhouse38k8

      Oh, they have screen doors on them!!! LOL. We’ve def got some annoying bugs!!!

  2. Melissa Jones

    AMAZING! It looks great! Congratulations!

    • farmhouse38k8

      Thanks, Melissa!!!! 😀

  3. Amanda

    It is absoultely gorgeous. Such a massive transformation. I love those cabinets and the sink especially. Congrats on finishing-ish!

    • farmhouse38k8

      Thanks, Amanda!! 😀

  4. Absolutely Amazing, Adorable and Awesome!!!! That’s you . . . . the kitchen is great too! Thanks for inviting us in!

    • farmhouse38k8

      LOL–thanks, Katie!!! Awww, shucks!

  5. So cute! And I love all the natural light 🙂 I just bought my first house and am holding off on kitchen renovations for the time being (living room, dining room, foyer and three bedrooms have exhausted my reno budget for the next few years) but I will keep some of these ideas in mind 🙂

    • farmhouse38k8

      Thanks, Kat–I know the feeling!!! Good luck with everything!!!

  6. Isora

    Beautiful kitchen, Amazing I love your sink and your open functional kitchen so nice to have dining out in your deck .
    your dog look so cute and the cat to.

    • farmhouse38k8

      Thanks, Isora!!! 😀

  7. Vera

    A beautiful home! You have put in so much work to make it your own – I hope you have many years to just enjoy it ahead of you! You might change your mind about calling it small though, if you saw the size of our house, which here in the Netherlands is average 🙂

    • farmhouse38k8

      Thanks, Vera! You are totally right. ‘Small’ is relative. We lived in a 700 sq ft home before this one, so I don’t know why I keep calling it small. LOL.

  8. Lisa

    Looks beautiful so open. Such a great feeling to have a finished space! I tend to always find something I missed, like one lousy piece of trim

    • farmhouse38k8

      Oh, yeah, well–with the range hood still needing to go up there actually is some trim up there that still has to happen. LOL. You’re right. It’s never finished. 🙂

  9. MJ Smith

    I only have two words for this kitchen re-do…Simply Gorgeous!! 🙂

    • farmhouse38k8

      Awwww, thank you!!!!! 😀 We are pretty stoked on it!!!

  10. Wow. What a lot of work. It looks just beautiful. I know you’ll enjoy it for years to come. And your animals too.

  11. Kay

    Kudos for the stunning revamp! We’re not as far along in ours, but we’re also thinking of what to do? — re: a range hood. So many ideas! Meanwhile, enjoy the kitchen + that killer back splash!

    • farmhouse38k8

      Thanks, Kay! Best of luck with your renovation! 😀

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