Another shot of those fantastic chartreuse Adirondacks looking out at that view. *sigh*


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Look at that view. Now imagine it from nearly every room of your amazingly creative, light-filled, love-filled home. That’s just how life is at I’m such a lucky ducky for getting to go visit, and Laura and Dan are probably regretting their hospitality because I’m already planning my next trip. And the one after that.

You might have seen me gush over Laura’s incredible dining room shutter wall. You may have also seen Country Living Magazine do the same in their April 2012 issue (see the online version here). Well, I was pretty geeked out over seeing it in person for the first time…so I took a lot of photos…and when I say ‘a lot’ I mean ‘A LOT’. I regret nothing.

The shutterwall at via
Their entry hall peeks into the dining room with all it’s shuttered loveliness.

Here’s a better shot swiped from

The shutterwall.
Oh, the fabulousness of that shutterwall glimpsed through re-purposed windows!
The shutterwall at
There is such beautiful light in this room–and I absolutely heart the color scheme Laura chose to paint these pretties. It would have been really ‘safe’ to paint them white. Safe is for sissies.

How about a few more shots just because I am obsessed?

The shutterwall at
The shutterwall at
More gorgeous.

Though The Shutterwall grabs you immediately as you enter, it is only the tip of the iceberg; the whole house is so fantastically curated that I could literally photograph every little nook and cranny and they would all look like magazine vignettes. No joke. Across the entry from the dining room is an equally light-filled room that is Laura’s lovely studio (did I mention she’s also a prolific artist? No? Well, she is also a prolific artist–see some of her work here).

The studio at
Where the creative magic happens.

Laura is kind of a freak genius when it comes to thrift store and flea market hunting. She’s got a special sort of spidey-sense that leads her to the most incredible finds.  One of my favorites resides in the studio:

Repurposed vintage card catalog being used to store craft bits at
I mean. Come on. Magnificent. A vintage card catalog, all filled with perfectly organized little crafting bits and bobs.

Right around the corner from the studio is another fun up-cycled masterpiece: the chair shelves. Or shelve chairs. Call them what you will.

Chair shelves at
I mean, who thinks of these things?!! Laura. Laura thinks of these things.
The living room at
The entry opens onto the livingroom, which is layered with light and color and texture, creative collections, and Laura’s original art. AND it looks out onto that incredible view of the mountains.

Some other Olive and Love moments:

Vintage WWII poster collection at
Vintage WWII posters. Awesome.
Guinea pig cuddles at
Guinea pig cuddles.
Hand-painted rooster by
My hand-painted birthday gift from Laura. A rooster with some gangsta swag.
The OliveandLove Mobile.
The Olive-and-Love-Mobile. A minivan. LOL.
Emma-dog, soaking up the sun.
Emma, soaking up some warm sun.
Wide-planked wood floors at
I love these planked floors. I want them in my house.
Sunday morning chess at
My older brother got to drop in for a quick visit, too, and there was some very serious Sunday morning chess to be played with the Olive and Love crew.
Chartreuse adirondacks and an amazing view of Mt. Rose at
Another shot of those fantastic chartreuse Adirondacks looking out at that view. *sigh*
Valentine's day message board at
A little Valentine’s Day on a DIY message board.
Kitty-cat, Bella, at
A kitty-cat vignette.

The kitchen at Olive and Love headquarters is another favorite spot of mine:

The kitchen at
Lots of adorable vintage finds in this room…and check out the quirk of those awesome pendants. Those are upside-down table lamps, people. Love it.

I want to go on. Because every room in this sprawling house deserves a mention. But head on over to the official house tour at to see the rest. Be sure you check out the master bedroom and bath. And also the kids’ rooms. And the guest room where I stayed. Oh just go look at all of it. It’s all amazeballs.

The reason for my trip was, contrary to popular belief, not to sit and stare gape-mouthed at the Olive and Love house (even though a large portion of my time there was spent doing just exactly that). My birthday was a couple of weeks back, and The Texan bought me the ticket (no, it was not one way) as a gift so I could go have a fun weekend with friends. He works so much this time of year that we never really get to do anything fun for our birthdays (his is a week or so before mine) or for Valentine’s Day. So this year, I spent Valentine’s Day weekend exploring Reno (where I had never before been) with Laura. We filled our days with a little bit of snowshoeing, a ton of shopping (that thrifty spidey-sense of her’s really came in handy), and a lot of sight-seeing. Such fun! and getting our snowshoeing on.
Laura and I taking in some fresh alpine air. It burns (when you’re used to breathing smog). and up to no good.
Goofing off at The Nest Reno during their Valentine’s Day Terrarium Class (more on that fun time coming soon).
The biggest little city in the world.
I’m such a sucker for sparkly lights.

Thanks for a great time,! And thanks for indefinitely storing all that stuff I bought that was too big to come home on the plane. I will settle my storage bill when I come back up in a few weeks. 🙂


  1. How super-fun!! I love those pendants… I have been looking at the big, round lamps that are popular now to hang over my dining table. Too expensive. I have a new direction now.

    • How adorable are those?! I mean, I swear–her brain baffles me! So fantastic.

  2. That is such a fun home. I love those planked floors too 🙂

    • My floors are just not my favorite choice. I didn’t really fully understand just how much I don’t like them until I was standing on her floors…and I was like: Yup. This is what my floors should have been. #floorenvy

  3. Oh my gosh! It’s like Alice in Wonderland meets Edward Scissorhands meets FABULOUS! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  4. I loved my little tour through the house and several other blog adventures I peeked into along the way. Now I’m thinking about the Keratin hair treatment….

  5. Roberta

    She is quite the Artist! I am not a good shopper, thrift store or not but I had a wonderful Aunt and Uncle that had quite a eye for it, They gave me a few things thru the years one of which was that exact bird cage that I saw in a photo you took, black iron right? I loved it but lost it and everything else in a storage fire while building a new house…….

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