DIY Floral Collar for Dogs (and a Bee Sting)

DIY Floral Collar for Dogs (and a Bee Sting)

DIY floral collar for dogs by Farmhouse38.comToday’s looking up for Phoebe.  Yesterday wasn’t so fun:

What eating a bee looks like. Poor puppy. From
This is what it looks like when you take a bee stinger to the mouth.
Bee sting for the puppy, No more eating bees, dog.
Needless to say, poor puppyface was in a lot of pain, and had to go to the vet for a shot. Sad face.

But today, her face has returned to it’s normal level of goofy, and she is feeling quite fantastic. So we decided to celebrate with a puppy flower collar.

DIY floral collar for dogs by
Who’s a pretty girl?!

This tutorial harkens back to my floral design days when we’d do floral collars for dogs who got to be in the wedding party (which is pretty much my favorite thing ever). They’re so simple to make, and as long as you have a tolerant dog, they’re pretty easy to wear (I should note here that not all dogs will be a fan of this, so proceed with caution.  Also, be sure to select flowers that are non-toxic–I cannot stress this enough. Roses, marigolds, daisies, snapdragons, small sunflowers, coneflowers, etc. are all choices that are non-toxic and also hold up well in this sort of application-ie, won’t get too floppy too soon. Also herbs–herbs are great for this).

Start off by measuring your pet’s neck, and then add about two inches to that measurement. Now cut that amount of thin craft wire, and twist a small loop at one end:

DIY floral collar for dogs by


Select your flowers and cut them right at the top of the stem so that the blossom has zero stem.

DIY floral collar for dogs by

DIY floral collar for dogs by
No stem!!

Now, carefully poke the wire through the base of the bud and out the other side. Sometimes it’s helpful to use a pin to sort of ‘pre-drill’ through the flower before poking the wire through.

DIY floral collar for dogs by

DIY floral collar for dogs by
Slide that wire on through.

Slide the blossom on down, and repeat until you have filled the length with about an inch to spare.

DIY floral collar for dogs by


Now, place the collar on your victim and feed the loose wire end through the looped wire end and secure.

DIY floral collar for dogs by
Oh, Phoebe…workin’ that collar!

I should also note that an optional and very pretty way to attach the collar is to start with a slightly shorter wire length, put a wire loop at each end of the wire, and then attach short lengths of ribbon to each end.  These can then easily be tied together to secure around your pet’s neck:

This was, incidentally, the method I used to make Millie’s pretty little necklace last spring (some of you might remember):

DIY floral collar for dogs by
Willie shows off this version.
DIY floral collar for pets by Not recommended for chickens. Just sayin'.
I should note here that Miss Millie was not a fan of her necklace AT ALL. I do not recommend putting accessories on your chickens unless they are just really used to these sorts of shenanigans or are really just that fashionable.

But the Feebster didn’t seem to mind her collar too much. She knows it goes well with her non-swollen face.

DIY floral collar for dogs by


  1. Naomi

    How adorable your pet collars are! Glad Phobe is better today also.

  2. Dianne

    WOW- great idea. Tx for the perfect tutorial.

  3. I hope it does not attract more bees! 😉

  4. What an adorable face on that Phoebe!! How did the Ghost Dog not get into any of these photos? And, so nice to see the picture of Millie… she was a great favorite. How many chickens are looking down from Chicken Heaven and taking note that their fans still thinking of them fondly?

  5. As usual, too cute! And so jealous that you have flowers. I’m coming to visit you I swear it!

  6. What beautiful dogs you have.

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