Candy Stripe Monogram

Candy Stripe Monogram

Candystripe Monogram using paper straws by truly feel that the paper straw is a highly underrated crafting material. As a functional straw, I kind of think they suck (see what I did there?!). There’s just something that I don’t like about drinking through paper. Kind of right up there with disposable wooden ice cream spoons. Blech. It might just be me. Nonetheless, they are cute as heck, am I right?

Quite some time ago I got this 20″ tall wooden R. I wish I could tell you why.

Candy Stripe Monogram from Farmhouse38
A mighty fine letter.

I just decided I needed it. And clearly I did, because it has been sitting around collecting cobwebs for a very long time. Until a couple of days ago when I decided to glue straws all over it.

Obviously, there are a plethora of fairly inexpensive craft store letters that could be used here (see here for an example). In fact, one could even cut a letter out of flat cardboard and achieve this same look without paying a dime. But I had a big wooden R that was calling my name.  I can’t quite remember, but I think I got it from here.  My paper straws came from Amazon.

I simply measured and cut the straws to fit, lining their patterns up and hot-gluing them one at a time. I decided that I wanted to have wide, alternating stripes of two differently-laid patterns, so I measured out five, four inch tall sections.

Candy Stripe Monogram from Farmhouse38
Measuring out my horizontal stripes with expert-level precision.

The sections would contrast between having the stripe pattern line up, and having it not line up (incidentally, I learned that the patterns on these straws are not uniform, therefore, it was nearly impossible to have them line up properly. Duly noted).

Candy Stripe Monogram from Farmhouse38
Ah, the chaos of crafting.

When every straw had been singularly glued in place, I then simply glued ribbon around the perimeter of the letter to hide the bare edges (as well as the open, not-so-pretty ends of the straws).

Candy Stripe Monogram from Farmhouse38
The ribbon is an easy, tailored finish for what were fairly gruesome edges.
Candy Stripe Monogram from Farmhouse38
A close up of the alternating patterns.  And of the way they really don’t line up very well.  But eh…good enough.
Candy Stripe Monogram from Farmhouse38
The R looks great hanging over our off-center temporary range. I may just leave it up until we get ourselves a grown-up range and hood.

The kitchen is starting to look rather Christmassy. I heart it.

Christmas Kitchen Decor from Farmhouse38
Miniature rosemary wreaths are a quick, adorable holiday accent, straight from the garden.
Christmas Kitchen Holiday Decor from Farmhouse38
More kitchen holiday cheer.
Candy Stripe Monogram (using paper straws) from Farmhouse38
Yep. I think I may just leave it all year round.


  1. Once again, over the top clever gal!


  3. Very sweet!

  4. Cate

    Very clever, as always 🙂

  5. Lindsey

    Love the R, but I think I Love the mini rosemary wreaths even more!!!

  6. Wanna do a ‘Z’? I love your ‘R’ but would go crazy with the cutting and the glueing…! I do have a rosemary bush or two in the yard so I think I’ll go with that project… Thanks!!

  7. You my dear are smokin hot! I love this little monogram. I wanted to tell you your home tour, was awesome. In fact, even today over a week later, someone on facebook, which I don’t know who shared it on their page and people are coming out of the wood work. I hope you have read some of the lovely comments you are receiving because I know they will make you smile from ear to ear. I thank you again. I know we had some technical difficulties to start with, but it all worked out. XO

    • LOL–aww, thank you, Debbie! I haven’t gotten to get back over there and take a look (been a busy week!!), but I will head over. Thanks again for the opportunity–I really appreciate it! 😀

  8. Just love this. Can never go wrong with red and white.

  9. jean

    Deliciously cute! Love the straw idea. I rather like your stove. Clean and simple. Your whole kitchen is gorgeous.

  10. Very fun and clever. I love the little rosemary wreaths, will be borrowing that idea as well. Thank you for sharing. Oh and your backsplash is AWmazing! I hope to one day borrow that idea too. Love it!!

  11. Laura

    My I ask what kind of glue you used? I love, love, love, this crafty monogram! Thanks

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