Close-Enough-to-Finished Master Bedroom Makeover

Close-Enough-to-Finished Master Bedroom Makeover

Close enough to finished master bedroom reveal at Farmhouse38.comWell, it’s finally pretty darn done.  I can barely believe it.

Let’s do the before and after tour, shall we?

Before shot of master bedroom at
Master entry hallway, before.
Master bedroom entry hallway after reno.
Entry hallway, after. Closet curtains are still there….the closet deserves its very own makeover post when our bank account recovers from this one.
Gallery wall in master bedroom.
A close-up of our hallway gallery wall. It is my intention to fill this whole wall, but all things in due time!
Pre-reno master bedroom.
Remember this? The main bedroom, before.
Post-reno master bedroom
The main bedroom, after. Love that plank feature wall. Love it.
Post-renovation master bedroom.
A great shot of the ‘starfish wall’ (tutorial here).
Pre-renovation master bedroom.
The opposite wall, before.
Post-renovation master bedroom.
The opposite wall, after. Those collage photo frames? I was never really in love with them. But I had to use them somehow! So I took the backs out and painted the glass to make them like old stained glass windows.
Pre-renovation master bedroom.
Remember this before?….the all-important dog bed and cluttered nightstand.
Post-renovation master bedroom at
Same view, after. It wouldn’t be fair if Chance didn’t get a dog bed makeover, now would it? Those are the same ole Ikea Hemnes nightstands, with a bit of a color and distressed-finish upgrade.
Post renovation master bedroom and DIY weathered wood headboard from
Here’s a good shot of our DIY weathered wood headboard (tutorial here). It’s nice to have an actual headboard….such grown-ups, we are!
Nightstand vignette in post-renovation master bedroom
Here’s a little close up of the vignette on my nightstand. I heart pink peonies in a blue mason jar. I just heart them.
Pre-renovation master bedroom.
Remember how the wall opposite the bed looked before? Abbie does.
Post-renovation master bedroom reveal at
After. It’s amazing what a little bold color and crisp white trim will do to a wall, eh? Although, it feels like something is missing…
Post-renovation master bedroom reveal at
Ah. There we go. Now we can move on.
Post-renovation master bedroom reveal at
Tree branches: no master bedroom is complete without.
Post-renovation master bedroom reveal at
The french door leading out onto what will soon be a lovely pergola-covered back deck. Right now, it is the deck of death; old and rickety and consummately terrifying. We don’t go out there. We don’t look at it. We don’t even speak of it.
Pre-renovation master bedroom at
Before: the view back down the hall towards the living room–aka, the escape route.
Post-renovation master bedroom reveal from
Alas, the unfinished closets still require our attention, as does the attic hatch in the ceiling. Such is why this post is called ‘Close-Enough-to-Finished’. Close enough, it’s close enough.

That’s about the gist of it!

A few random notes here:  after doing our master bathroom makeover, and slapping that dark, dark, dark grey on the walls in such a small space, I arrived at two decisions.  The first is that I love dark walls with white trim–I adore the contrastiness of it (I like to make up words).  The second is that since the master bedroom is also a small and innately dark room, we should just own it and go dark on the walls there, too.  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.  Of course, we tempered the darkness a bit by making the plank wall, as well as a lot of the linens, white.  That always helps.  So do pops of cheerful color.  I think part of the reason I drug my feet on this room for so long was that the voices in my head were at odds with each other over painting the walls some light, gentle color (as logic would dictate you do in a small, dark room).

We were also on the fence about whether we wanted to swap out the existing blue glass pendants for something else.  And when I say ‘we’, well, you probably know what I mean.  Functionally, the pendants are completely awesome–it is brilliant to not have a lamp to knock over on the nightstand (I may or may not flail my arms when I am asleep).  I personally love them, but I’m not 100% sure that they are 100% what I am looking for in those spots.  But do I ever need to be 100% sure about any design choice?  Nope.  I’d say pulling the decision trigger at a respectable 85% is fine.  So the pendants stay; I like the color, I like the transparency (they do, after all, hang in front of those windows), and I like the price tag (ie: already bought).  Works for me!

It is abundantly satisfying to be sleeping in a ‘finished’ room.  The bare drywall edged windows, primed walls, and mish-mashed furniture were great and all, but….change is good.

Post-renovation master bedroom reveal from


  1. Awesome! Love the gray color, the plank wall AND the glass pendant lights. Great job!

  2. Traci L Sabia

    I love the color scheme. Same colors I just painted our new bedroom in our new home. Where did you pick up the small night stand to the left of the bed? I’m in search for the same thing. Great blog!!!!!!!

    • Thanks, Traci! Both nightstands are the Ikea Hemnes nightstands–they come in multiple colors, but ours started out in a dark/black wood color–I painted them the minty color and then distressed them. Swapped out the drawer-pulls, too.

      • Casey

        Do you know the name of the turquoise color you used on the nightstand? Did you brush it or spray paint? One more question! I have the same exact nightstand in blk and want to paint it just like this. Did you prime? Thanks!!!

        • Casey–I’m so sorry–I don’t know the color (in fact, I think I mixed it up from a bunch of leftovers I’ve got). I did not prime this because I actually put crackle medium on it so that the dark (mine were black, too) would show through a bit when it cracked. I brushed it all on. Hope that helps a little!! 🙂

  3. Marie in Montana

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed seeing the makeover. Looking forward to tutorials.

  4. You did a beautiful job! One step at a time is what I always say. My favorite photo is the new one with the cowboy hats. Have a great day!~Melissa

    • Thanks, Melissa! I love me my cowboy hats (many of those hanging there belonged to my grandfather–so they are super special to me!)

      • Kiri

        please, please tell me how you did the cowboy hats.?? I have stacks, sitting in a cupboard and I love the look you have created here.?????

        • farmhouse38k8

          I just put some really basic wall hooks in the wall–big enough that the hats hang nicely on them. Nothing fancy!!! 🙂

  5. Love the gray and the plank accent wall!

  6. Dawn The JOY Lady

    Very nicely done! I love the warmth of the gray color and the coolness of the white with the wispy curtains – so relaxing! The blue glass pendants are gorgeous!

  7. Simply darling! Tell me how you attached plank boards to wall? With nails or construction adhesive…Check out my recent post (yesterday) and see your bureau color on the front porch of P Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain farmhouse! I wanted to use that color here, yet Feng Shui person nixed it. Boo!

    • Oh, thank you!!! We simply nailed (nail gun) the boards up, using pennies to separate them evenly.
      The paint color on the dresser just happens to be the same color that is on our front door (my favorite)–Farmhouse Red (by Behr)! I pop it in the house wherever I can get away with it. 🙂 I will check out your post–thanks!

  8. Beautiful! Great work…love the color choice!

  9. This is pure perfection! I am so in love with this room. The plank wall is so cute and I love how you painted the other walls a darker color. All your accent pieces fit right in. It’s so cozy and comfy. Awesome job! 🙂

  10. LOVE the pendants… love that you can turn them off/on with a wall switch next to the fab headboard (but can you read in bed without disturbing the Texan? Or, vice-versa? I use the flashlight app on my phone propped against my neck to read in bed anyway. I read somewhere that bedrooms should be darker, more cave-like and enveloping. Didn’t you read that article? Might have saved you some concern. Glad to see that personal preference won out over “sensible” options! I had to scroll between pictures to really appreciate the trim around the windows and doors… so farm-like! I noticed your doggie managed, once again, to get in the picture!

    • It is truly difficult for me to get a shot without Abbie in the photo!
      The lights don’t seem to bother the Texan (he sleeps through earthquakes), and fortunately, I usually stay up reading/pinning long after he’s sawing logs, so the lights don’t get a chance to bother me.
      🙂 Thanks, Charlotte!!

  11. Oh my goodness I love everything you did. There are so many details my eyes are getting caught on. I see so many fantastic DIY projects that all come together for this AWESOME room make over.

    Thank you for a before and after with the dog in it too. 🙂 looks amazing!

    • I know–the after just wouldn’t be complete without the white dog!! (I actually had to have the Texan restrain her in the other room while I was taking these photos so that she wasn’t in every darned one!).
      Thanks, Katja!! (BTW–we left the pendants afterall!!!) 🙂

  12. Debbie

    Wow great job! Can’t wait for the tutorials!!!!

  13. Fabulous!!! It is bright and happy, even with the dark walls. The trim really brings in the character. Love it!

  14. Diane

    I recently stumbled upon your blog and love it! You said you were doing tutorials soon, but can you share what color of grey paint you used? I also love the floors, are they hardwoods or laminate?

    • Hi Diane–thanks for stopping by! The paint color is Behr Ultra Trail Prints, and the floors are laminate (more dog toenail-friendly). 🙂

  15. susan

    Re: those blue glass pendants…they sure look alot like antique blue glass electrical transformers used in the early 1900’s. not sure since I can’t see up close but if they are there are people who collect those.

    • Actually–these pendants aren’t original to the house (we put them in when we rebuilt the room)–in fact, one of the reasons I chose them was because of this exact similarity–I actually DO collect antique glass electrical insulators–there’s three of them sitting along the window sill in this room! 😀 I love them–and that was totally what these pendants reminded me of.

  16. Linda Prater

    really like the dark grey and white very nice

  17. Swoon!!!!! Love it all…..especially the plank wall, and the view of the orange dresser and french door, and the grey wall, and the bedding and the dog bed…lol……well….all of it! Great job!

  18. Lelia

    Okay, maybe I’m being a total idiot and missing it, but what color are these walls? I’ve been dying to do a dark grey and adore this!! Love your blog…it’s making bed the husband for chickens 🙂

    • Oh, thanks Lelia! The color is Trail Print (Behr Ultra from Home Depot). Hope you get your chickens–they are seriously the best!

  19. Alex

    Awesome! I just love the gray walls and the contrasting white accents. May I ask which wall color you used?

  20. Love your design. And love your photo bomber too!

    The dark grey is so classy and hip.

  21. I love it!! All of it, especially that Abbie was in her rightful spotlight! 🙂 And, after the stained glass tutorial, my house will be missing its collage frames(that I secretly hate)! Can’t wait!! Great job Kate, great job!

    • Thanks, Bobbie! 🙂 I’ll get to that tutorial next week–it’s been a crazy one (this week–not the tutorial, hehehe)!!

  22. Really gorgeous work! Where is the bedding from? Specifically the duvet?

  23. Emma

    Yah, you could tell that Abbie liked it.

  24. Kelly M.

    I loved everything you did! We have just started to talk about what we wanted in our bedroom. The second I saw your bedroom I fell in love. I love seeing Abby. We used to have a white boxer. Morgan was a good dog. I love your decorating style. So many of the things you do I want to do it at my house! Thank you for sharing.

    • Oh, thanks Kelly–my pleasure to share! Good luck with your bedroom project! Yeah, that little white dog is really something else–we love us some boxers at this house (she’s the second we’ve had).

  25. Kat

    Newbie here…I did a google search for “dark planked walls” and your site came up. Man, girl…you done good. It looks a million times better! Love that you added trim to the windows–it really makes those little windows look so much better. And that wall of hats…it just made me smile. Job well done! Now I’m off to check out this master bathroom of yours;)

    • Kat–thanks for taking the time to comment–I went and checked out your site, as well, and you’ve got some awesomeness going on over there–so I’m truly flattered! Thanks, Google! LOL!
      Welcome, welcome! Glad to ‘meet’ you. 🙂

  26. Kelly M.

    What color is the planked wall?

    • Hi Kelly–it’s Behr brand ‘Swiss Coffee’ (gently off-white). 🙂

  27. Kelly M.

    Thank you!

  28. hello! love your taste/style! I was wondering where you got your turquoise pendants from?! thx!

  29. Margaret

    nice and gives me inspiration for my present home and the one I plan on having in England soon.

  30. MaryAlice

    I love your room!! Great job! How did you make a hanger to display your hats?? Or are they just nails in the wall?

    • farmhouse38k8

      Hi, MaryAlice–they are just hooks in the wall, nothing fancy. On some I clipped an alligator clip to the inside trim of the hat to help it hang on the hook securely. 🙂

  31. Wow, you did good! I can across your site via Pinterest looking for hooks for hats (we have several that just don’t have a home both summer and winter) im always amazed and the huge difference paint makes, you get an ode of how it’ll look but when it’s finished and looks like a million bucks!
    I like the blue pendants! I’d leave ’em until you get that have-to-have moment when you find exactly what you didn’t know you were looking for!

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