Eggshell Peony Easter Wreath

Eggshell Peony Easter Wreath

Eggshell peony wreath from

As part of the decor for our upcoming Easter party, I created this sweet little wreath.  It sticks nicely to our ‘rustic with a bit of glitter’ decor theme for the party; a natural twig craft store wreath is a great backdrop for a touch of golden sparkle, don’t you think?

The egg flowers are the only tricky thing about this, but they are actually pretty forgiving to make.

Start with your raw eggs (I wanted five blossoms so I did five eggs), and, using a butter knife, crack them anywhere from about halfway to three quarters of the way up to the pointy end (depending on how tall you want your ‘blossom’, I actually cracked each of my five at different points on the egg–some shorter, some taller.)  Use a knife because you want a controlled crack.Eggshell peony wreath from

Separate the two ‘halves’ of the eggshell, and catch your egg guts….breakfast!!Eggshell peony wreath from

It isn’t going to be a perfect, clean break–there is going to be some shattering….don’t worry.  Use the bigger, lower half of the eggshell as the center of your blossom, but save the smaller, upper part to use later on as a petal.

Carefully snap bits of the raw edge of the ‘blossom center’ to shape it and give it sort of an irregular edge (this also allows you to remove some of the shattered pieces and clean it up a bit).  Leave as much of the inner membrane of the egg in tact–this helps strengthen it.  If your shell breaks a bit, don’t worry about it too much.  As long as that inner membrane is still there, it will still work, and the paint will help hold it all together.  As for the ‘tops’ (the pointy ends of the egg), break them in halves and thirds to make some various sized ‘petals’.Eggshell peony wreath from

Rinse all eggshell pieces and let them dry.Eggshell peony wreath from

Now, pick your paint colors.  I wanted a peachy pink, and I decided to paint the interior sides of the shells the fully saturated color, while watering down the same color to paint the exterior of the shells.  This gave it a streaky, water-colored look that I found rather pleasing.Eggshell peony wreath from Farmhouse38.comEggshell peony wreath from

Let all bits and pieces thoroughly dry, and then warm up your glue gun.  Choose your center piece and decide how many ‘petals’ you want it to have (two of my blossoms I left petal-less to simulate buds), and then select 3-5 petals for each blossom.  Carefully glue them on one at a time, adhering one tip of the petal to the bottom side of the center eggshell; you’ll have to really gob the glue on there to get the petals to sit at an ‘open’ angle, which requires you to hold it still until the glue is completely set.  It’s pretty easy to hold it still in one hand and navigate through Facebook with the other while you’re waiting.  Trust me.Eggshell peony wreath from

When you’ve got enough petals on, and they have set completely, glue in your center pom-pom.  I selected these yellow/gold craft store pom-poms because they have little sparkly bits, and the yellow ones looked like pretty decent peony centers.  Also, they kind of remind me of little seed pods or something, so I integrated them into the rest of the wreath. But for now, just glue one into the center of the flower.Eggshell peony wreath from

Next, I hot-glued the peony blossoms where I wanted them on the wreath form–again, over-glue.  Really get them good and stuck.  I then embellished the wreath with some craft store leaves that I had lightly dusted with gold spray paint, as well as more of the pom-poms in various sizes.Eggshell peony wreath from

The peachy-pink of the flowers looks especially chipper against the orange of the Farmhouse front door!Eggshell peony wreath from Farmhouse38.comEggshell peony wreath from

That’s it!  Happy Easter everyone!


  1. This is AWESOME! SO pretty!

  2. Shannon

    Are you kidding me with this?? How do you come up with stuff?! I am making this ASAP!

  3. Brilliant again oh, wondrous one! Happy Easter to you, your family and critters! Diane

  4. Absolutely darling. Love this!!

  5. You are COMPLETELY ridiculous. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Carry on.

    LOVE the wreath. I really hope I can take the time to do that someday. You are brilliant!

  6. Kate, this is absolutely STUNNING! Your creativity blows me away! Thank you for sharing your ideas (and great tutorials) with the rest of us. Have a blessed Easter! ~Katie

  7. I didn’t look ’til after Easter…. gotta do this next year!! Really lovely and totally right for the holiday. Firing up the printer now!

    • Someone pointed out to me that it was a great ‘after Easter’ project–leftover eggshells!! 🙂 🙂

  8. Emma

    OMG! I am making this like NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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