Valentine’s Candy Box Roses

Valentine’s Candy Box Roses


DIY heart-shaped candy box Valentine's roses from Farmhouse38.comI have a confession….I heart Valentine’s Day in all of its ridiculous glory.  I love the blatant pinks and reds and hearts and sparkles and chocolates and redundant red roses.  It’s all just so darn cute and girly, and I embrace it and accept it despite its pathological commercialism.  I’m really an enormous sucker for some adorable packaging no matter what.

Another thing I secretly love?  Those super-cheesy heart-shaped boxes of chocolate.  You know the ones in the drug store, just to the left of the shampoo aisle?  Yes, those!  It isn’t so much about the chocolate (I swear), as it is about that nostalgic heart-shaped box:

DIY heart-shaped candy box Valentine's roses from
Come on, you know you love this!

After the chocolates have evaporated, what does one do with such an adorable box?  At my house, you fill it with flowers, of course!

Here’s how:

First of all, you can do this arrangement in either the lid or the bottom (or both!).  I chose the bottom, which had built-in candy compartments that had to be gently ripped out, first.

DIY Valentine's Day heart-shaped candy box rose arrangement from
This doesn’t look so cute.

Now, because this is a cardboard box, we gotta waterproof it.  You need to line it with some sort of thick-gauged plastic lining, whether it be a bit of garbage bag, ziplock, etc.  I happened to use a piece of some left-over painter’s tarp.  Cut it roughly to size with a little bit of overlap.

DIY Valentine's Day heart-shaped candy box red rose arrangement from Farmhouse38.comPush the plastic lining into the box, and then, using your trusty glue-gun, run a bead of glue, bit by bit, along the top edge of the box, adhering the plastic just well enough so that it sticks, not so well that it melts through the plastic (which if you are using sturdy enough plastic and a low-heat gun, shouldn’t be a problem).  This doesn’t have to be a perfect, solid bead of glue–just enough to hold the plastic in place.DIY upcycled heart-shaped candy box Valentine's rose arrangement from

Once you are done, it should look a little something like this:Upcycled Valentine's Day candy box rose arrangement from

Now, run scissors along the top edge of the box and remove the excess plastic.DIY Valentine's candy box upcycled into rose arrangement from

As long as you didn’t accidentally pierce or burn through the plastic, you should now have a cardboard box capable of holding some liquid.Upcycled candy box rose arrangement for Valentine's Day.

Under normal circumstances, this is where I would cut and fit wet florist’s foam into the container.  Lately, I have been trying to steer away from using the stuff unless I just have no choice–it’s really rather environmentally unfriendly.  But this is a personal choice and I chose to go without.  Instead, I cut and fit a double-layer of paper towels into the bottom of the heart, then filled it about half-way with water.  The paper towels serve as a grip for the roses, and also to keep things damp with minimal water (as this is a shallow container and you don’t want a ton in there sloshing around).

Cut your roses real short–right at the base of the bloom:Upcycled candy box rose arrangement from

Go ahead and start lining them up in the container, making sure the cut stem makes contact with the paper towel.Upcycled candy box rose arrangement from

The flowers might tip over a bit as you work–don’t worry, the more you get in there, the more they hold each other upright.

Two dozen roses should about fill this size container (approx. 12″ wide at its widest point), but I went and tucked in a few coral-colored roses just for effect, so my total came out to 30 roses.Upcycled candy box Valentine's Day floral arrangement from

Now, you’ll probably be able to still see a bit of plastic liner around the edges.  We’ve got to do something about that!  I chose this adorable lacey, felt ribbon to edge the box in, but any ribbon or trim will work.Upcycled Valentine's Day candy box rose arrangement from

Run a bead of hot glue around the outside top edge of the box, and apply your decorative trim so that it overlaps the flowers just a bit and hides that unsightly edge.Upcycled Valentine's Day candy box rose arrangement from

Pretty!  But why stop here?  In the spirit of Valentine’s bling, let’s add some sparkle, shall we?  Give your roses a fine mist of water across the top:Upcycled Valentine's Day candy box rose arrangement from

Pick your poison:

Upcycled Valentine's Day candy box rose arrangement from
I give you….Martha Stewart “Candy Apple”!

And then literally blow it like fairy dust across your flowers.  If you don’t like glitter everywhere in your house (then you have no soul!  Just kidding….kind of), please do this step outside!

Upcycled Valentine's Day candy box rose arrangement from
How I love me some sparkly roses!

Now, you just want to top the whole thing off with a nice, diagonal bit of ribbon and a tailored bow to mimic the way these candy boxes are usually trimmed out.  Cut a piece of your trim ribbon to fit across one lobe of the heart, anchoring each end of the ribbon to the inside upper edges of the box with hot glue (so that the glue and ribbon ends don’t show above the trim).Upcycled candy box rose arrangement from

Now, glue together a little bow:Upcycled candy box rose arrangement from

Then adhere this to the middle of your diagonal ribbon, adding bow tails if you wish.Upcycled Valentine's Day candy box rose arrangement from

Add a cute tag to complete the package!Upcycled candy box rose arrangement from

To maintain the freshness, drizzle a little new water into the center of the arrangement every couple of days.DIY upcycled Valentine's Day candy box rose arrangement from

I adore the red-on-red-on-red monochrome of this presentation, but it would be so cute done up with some different colors thrown in there, as well.  I may have to do up a pink version using the left-over lid!

Enjoy! 🙂


  1. Lisa

    You’ve done it again Kate! I adore this!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Pinned, and shared, as it is so deserving!

  3. Janet

    Fantastic creative amazing beautiful stunning……. you get my idea by now? Thanks.

  4. The "Born Again" Farm Girl

    We don’t do Valentine’s Day at our house. Maybe because hubby is just unromantic or the fact I hate having attention paid to me LOL But even I now want a box of candy just so I can try this!

    • You know what’s funny? We don’t either–we’ve never really been into all the mushy stuff, and The Texan traditionally is swamped work-wise this time of year, so we usually don’t wind up doing a darn thing. I just lavish presents and decorations on myself, that’s all! But I still love me some Valentine’s Day swag!

  5. Simply Awesome!! Roses being the most opportune Valentine’s Day flowers make a perfect gift.. and with this heart shaped box.. It will surely be the best Valentine’s Day Gifts…. Thanks for the idea..

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