Go Paint Rocks

Go Paint Rocks

How to paint rocks from Farmhouse38.com

In yesterday’s Cupid’s Arrow Doormat post, some of you may have spied these two little glittered heart painted rocks tucked amongst the front porch decor….DIY painted rocks and easy image transfer from Farmhouse38.com

I love me some painted rocks, and I must say that I am obsessing over the glittered ones even more!  Painting rocks (and using them mainly as door-stops) was something I started doing in college, when I was broke but living by the ocean where there was an unending supply of nice, smooth, wave-worn rocks to collect and use for whatever I could possibly turn them into.  This was like 15 years ago, people–where the heck has the time gone!?  In more recent manifestations, these painted rocks have been moonlighting at the Farmhouse as bookends, mantel decor, garden markers, and hostess gifts.  They are so easy and inexpensive to make that I thought I’d better share the tutorial.

DIY image transfer and painted rocks from Farmhouse38.com. Makes a great bookend!
I have a thing for monogrammed rocks. This is a completely normal thing to have a thing for.
A family of monogrammed front porch rocks. DIY  easy image transfer and painted rock tutorial from Farmhouse38.com
A family of monogrammed rocks for my favorite neighbors’ front stoop. Shout out to H, N, R & Q!!!

During the holidays, I made a set for my front porch decor that never actually made it into a post:

Christmastime front porch rocks. Easy DIY image transfer and painted rocks from Farmhouse38.com

My text-transferring method for the rocks is one and the same as for my Hand-Painted Signs.  You start, of course, by finding yourself a decent rock.  The smoother the surface, the easier it will be. Design up your words, letters, or shapes on the computer, and print.

Easy DIY letter transfer method from Farmhouse38.com

Cut each word (or design) out, and then heavily color the backside of it with a grease pencil.


Easy DIY image transfer method from Farmhouse38.comScotch-tape it where you want it on your rock of choice, and then trace the design, pressing firmly.

Easy DIY image transfer method from Farmhouse38.com

You should get a pretty well-transferred image if you slathered the grease pencil on there thick enough.


Easy DIY image transfer method from Farmhouse38.comNow, paint!

Easy DIY image transfer method and painted rocks from Farmhouse38.com
If these are going to sit outside, it’s best to use some sort of oil-based exterior-grade paint. Finishing with a clear, protective sealer always helps, too.

If you’re adding glitter, sprinkle it on before the paint has much time to dry.

I must confess that I simply free-handed these hearts….nothing wrong with winging it now and again!

Easy DIY image transfer method and painted rocks from Farmhouse38.com


  1. Love love love what you did here. Words on rocks? Yes please! You rock 🙂 haha

  2. BTW – love your new banner 😉

  3. I started doing that last year for Christmas and New Years… Maybe I should come up with something for Valentines? hmmm… We will see… I have so much on my plate right now…

  4. These are too cute! Thanks for the tip about the grease pencil- I hadn’t used that technique before. 🙂

    • Sure!!! Yeah, I’ve tried seriously a MILLION different ways of transferring print, and this has really been the easiest, and cheapest (and most versatile), I think!

  5. These.are.sooooooo cute!! I have a pile of rocks that I’ve been collecting from out by our pond. I’ll have to see if they are smooth enough for painting. I love this idea!

  6. These are so very cute! Everything looks so fun and festive!

  7. Thanks so much for the step-by-step tips on how to do this fantastic idea! I am definitely doing this with some nice river rocks I have. And yes… you’ve heard it… but I gotta say, You ROCK! 😉 happy hugs, Gina

  8. Again, you genius woman, who thinks of this?! I love that you do. I may not get to the valentines ones since we aren’t even at our house this month due to construction, but this will be showing up at my house soon! Rocks we have plenty of!

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