Cupid’s Arrow Doormat

Cupid’s Arrow Doormat

DIY cupid's arrow doormat from

DIY cupid's arrow doormat from Farmhouse38.comMore Valentine’s crafty decor!

I’m a big fan of making my own doormats.  Plain coir mats like the one above are sold for around $10.00 at Home Depot, and with some transparent contact paper (also from the Depot) to make a sticky-stencil and a bit of left-over spray paint, this is a relatively easy, inexpensive, and versatile DIY project.

For this design, I decided about how big I wanted my arrow, and then created it in a design program and printed it off the computer.  It took two standard-sized pieces of paper, which I then taped together into one design.DIY cupid's arrow doormat from



DIY cupid's arrow doormat from Farmhouse38.comNow cut a piece of contact paper big enough to fit over the top of this, then tape it to the print-out, as well as your work surface so nothing slides around.  Use a sharpie to trace your arrow image onto the contact paper.

DIY cupid's arrow doormat from
BTW….this is a great method to create a stencil for other craft projects.

Now comes the first tricky part: using a small pair of scissors, cut the arrow cleanly out of the middle of the contact paper. The contact paper is gonna wanna roll up on you, but keep calm!  It feeds off of your frustration.DIY cupid's arrow doormat from

Now, for the second tricky part: CAREFULLY remove the backing to the contact paper and stick your image where you want it on the doormat.  Nothing wants to stick to that coir very much, so you’ll be able to shimmy it around to get it lined up just right.  Tape it into place with painter’s tape and then use contact paper and/or painters tape to cover the rest of the mat to protect it from over-spray.DIY cupid's arrow doormat from

Now, you’re ready to paint!  Hit the image with spray paint in short bursts from directly above, as again, the contact paper just barely adheres to the coir and if you blast it from an angle, it will lift right on off of there and ruin the whole thing.  Hit it with one, good coat of paint.DIY cupid's arrow door mat from

Let it dry for a few minutes, remove the template, and then let the rug sit and dry for about an hour or so before you put it out for use.DIY cupid's arrow door mat from

Another simple version of this went to our side door:

DIY doormat from
The chickens are just fascinated by this little red heart on their napping-mat.


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  2. What a GREAT idea. Love it!!!!

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  4. Ah another one to love! 🙂

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