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Christmastime front porch rocks. Easy DIY image transfer and painted rocks from Farmhouse38.com

Go Paint Rocks

In yesterday’s Cupid’s Arrow Doormat post, some of you may have spied these two little glittered heart painted rocks tucked amongst the front porch decor…. I love me some painted rocks, and I must say that I am obsessing over the glittered ones even more!  Painting rocks (and using them mainly as door-stops) was something […] Read more…

DIY cupid's arrow doormat from Farmhouse38.com

Cupid’s Arrow Doormat

More Valentine’s crafty decor! I’m a big fan of making my own doormats.  Plain coir mats like the one above are sold for around $10.00 at Home Depot, and with some transparent contact paper (also from the Depot) to make a sticky-stencil and a bit of left-over spray paint, this is a relatively easy, inexpensive, […] Read more…

DIY heart-shaped candy box Valentine's roses from Farmhouse38.com

Valentine’s Candy Box Roses

  I have a confession….I heart Valentine’s Day in all of its ridiculous glory.  I love the blatant pinks and reds and hearts and sparkles and chocolates and redundant red roses.  It’s all just so darn cute and girly, and I embrace it and accept it despite its pathological commercialism.  I’m really an enormous sucker […] Read more…

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