Garage Makeover Reveal

Garage Makeover Reveal

Garage exterior makeover at Farmhouse38.comAs beautiful as it was in this ‘before’ shot (taken many, many, oh-so-many weeks ago) the garage was due for a complete refresh.  Afterall, I needed an art studio, not an art shanty.

Garage exterior makeover at
After! All fresh-faced and functional.

The front of the studio (as it shall hence be known) got brand new, properly-functioning carriage-style doors, board and batten siding (to match the house), and some farmy decorative accents.

Garage exterior makeover at
A little countrified vignette.
Garage exterior makeover at
Why, yes. Yes, it is.
Garage exterior makeover at
My grandfather’s rusty old spurs.
Garage exterior makeover at
Some primitive wreathes that I can decorate as the seasons dictate.
Garage exterior makeover from
Decorative wire garden edging hung upside-down along the eaves to serve as a trellis.
Garage exterior makeover at
The west side of the garage before.
Garage exterior makeover at
The west side of the studio, after.

The garden-side of the studio got two new, functioning windows, complete with bright shutters, as well as new board and batten siding and decorative trellis edging.

Garage exterior makeover at
More garden-variety decorative wire edging re-purposed as a trellis for the grapevines and morning glory to dominate.
Garage exterior makeover at
Fresh new snappies and pansies to accent the garden walkway along the studio.
Garage exterior makeover at
Gotta love that conveniently-named “Farmhouse Red”….my favorite paint color by Behr…. same color as the front door of the Farmhouse.

With the outside finally signed, sealed, and delivered….it’s on to the inside….the Texan thought he was finished with this project….MUHAHAHAHAHA.  Not by a long shot.


  1. Tammy

    I can’t believe how beautiful this is! I’m totally drooling over here. Amazing job!!!

  2. Hollie

    It is so inspiring to see the magic that can be created by people with amazing vision! I am totally hooked on your blog!

  3. Can you come n do mine? X

  4. WOW…Beautiful…great job 😀

  5. What is in the water down there in Texas? You guys have some absolutely stunning design sense. Those are gorgeous!!!!

  6. Christie

    Oh, so gorgeous! I am very impressed. What a nice entry way for your new studio!

  7. Everything IS beautiful (on the outside)…. my favorite part of the whole thing is the end and I quote “the Texan thought he was finished with this project….
    MUHAHAHAHAHA. Not by a long shot.”

    Does he read your blog?

    Sounds just like something I’d say. Birds of a feather?

    • Hahah…yes, he does read it and very often is ‘informed’ of his weekend plans through the blog. But he lets everything slide because A) he is a patient man and B) he likes being known to the world as ‘the Texan’.

  8. Emma

    Wow! You’ve come a long way. Great job!!!

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