Month: October 2012

I am obsessed with purple lights. I wish I could leave them up all year. But then I'd be THAT person....and I am already dancing on a real fine line.

Getting Halloweenie at the Farmhouse

Halloween is kind of a big deal in our town.  Every year we have thousands of people that come into town to see the lights and decorations, and well, we gotta keep up!  This year’s theme at the Farmhouse is ghosts, and while the actual ghost part of the decor […]

I seemed to be the only one worried about how this might all work out.

Jurassic Park

Back when my chickens were babies (way, way back, in ye olden times, like six months ago), some of you may remember that I posted some comparative photos of them when they started going through their awkward phase.  You chicken owners will know what I mean: that moment when they […]