Month: August 2012



Well, this time, this photo of this dog got selected for Sunset Magazine’s Pet of the Week post on Facebook.  For once, the only trouble she got into was being too darned cute. See it on Facebook here:

The front of the garage/barn, in all it's 100-year-old glory.

Garage to Studio, Phase I

One of the things that I loved about our house, upon first sight, was the ramshackle barn that is the garage.  It is the perfect spot for something that I have always dreamed about having: my very own, grown-up art studio.  But, in its current condition (though it is such […]

Pretty little egg.

The Inaugural Egg

So….that happened. I’m being all cool about this right now, but, believe me, all my friends and family got a photo texted to them like someone had just given birth.  Which is funny because my sister-in-law is actually about to give birth–three-days-passed-her-expiration-date-about-to-give-birth– and that’s what we should really all be […]