Farmhouse38, after.

In the Beginning…. pre-renovation.
Farmhouse38, before.

There was a tiny beige house sitting in a yard full of enormous beige weeds.  I remember feeling utterly exhausted by the…beige-ness of it all.  I cling ferociously to the design philosophy that if you take a black and white photo of, in this case, a house, and you can’t tell the yard from the house, from the trim, from the roof…you have a problem.  This house would vanish if you took that photo.  And really, it already had….abandoned for at least five years, and neglected for so long before that, it was just a sad little place.  It was evident that nobody wanted it.  But I like to bring home strays. post-renovation.
Farmhouse38, after.


  1. Absolutely beautiful front porch!

  2. What a transformation! LOVE the realtor sign; there’s that humor again! I can relate to the beige-ness to which you refer; out here in the south east it is BRICK and WHITE, or is that WHITE with BRICK? In any variation, you can imagine that when we found our little gem, it was WHITE with brick foundation. Sigh. I love transformation! This has inspired me to do a blog post on our change here at Hope Farms….Thanks!
    Great work, by the way, it is NO LONGER a disappearing act, but a plethora of WELCOME-NESS!

    • You are THE ONLY person who has ever noticed the sign! YAY! You get a gold star! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. DannaTX

    Love your site, your gardens, your house….I found your blog a few days ago and keep coming back to it. So, I decided to start from the beginning and read my way to the current post. I do have a question; do you remember the name/brand of your exterior paint? I have been looking for that perfect color that is warm and inviting, but NOT beige. Thanks!

    • Oh, Danna! I have gotten this question a couple of times and I have to give the worst answer: I actually mixed this color myself and then took it to the paint store and had them match it–because I was having the same problem–none of the ‘taupes’ were working for me. This is kind of an olive-based khaki, if that helps. Also, ultimately it was matched at Dunn-Edwards, and I could probably dig out the color ‘recipe’ for you (or formula, I should say), if you’d like it. Thank you so much for your kind words, and for heading all the way back to the start!! Wow! 😀

  4. DannaTX

    Ah, the light just clicked on! What a brilliant idea! I would never have thought to make my own color! I’ll definitely enjoy the challege. Thank you!

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